China deepens its involvement in Ethiopia, Kazakhstan

China deepens its involvement in Ethiopia, Kazakhstan

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(–Beijing [China], September 4 (ANI): China has invested heavily in Ethiopia and Kazakhastan and not only in infrastructural projects but beyond that. Beijing’s defence ties with Ethiopia and recently its hackers’ involvement in the country signal to have worsening repercussions for the nations in near future.

Beijing’s state-owned enterprises have built over 190 government buildings in Africa. And it also includes 14 sensitive intra-governmental telecommunication networks under China-Africa Artificial Intelligence (AI) mission. The mission is contracted to Huawei and ZTE for network establishment and equipment procedures, The Times of Israel reported on Friday.

Many global leaders have accused Huawei of being a front company of the communist regime. Even some Western and European countries have banned Huawei over allegedly illegally undertaking surveillance activities.

It is believed that China-based companies undertake sensitive nature’s projects in other countries and create loopholes in the system that can be used later by Beijing-sponsored hackers.

Several times, Chinese hackers have transmitted Ethiopia’s African Union headquarters data servers, CCTVs footage to the communist regime. These hackers have also been involved in data theft in Ethiopia and gave sensitive information to China during peak working hours (10 am- 2 pm), The Times of Israel reported.

Even, nearly 2.5 million Chinese citizens travel to Ethiopia each year in the name of tourism. However, besides engaging in tourism, these nationals attempt to raise their business interests and try to get their stronghold within the country.

Ethiopia also signed China’s famous Belt and Road initiative but the country is unaware that by signing the deal the fate of Ethiopia is in the Chinese hands now. The communist regime has been habitual in exploiting natural resources in other countries. Beijing builds heavy infrastructures through its immense loan in other countries that can’t be returned easily in order to take indirect control of those nations.

Besides being involved in infrastructural projects in other countries, the communist regime has also defence ties with nations of strategic interests.

Beijing has been selling heavy weapons to Ethiopia for over a time period. It includes arms and ammunition, including artillery, light armoured vehicles, rockets, long-range missiles as well as troop transport vehicles. The communist regime has also trained an undisclosed number of Ethiopian officers.

China’s all-weather South-Asian ally Pakistan also attempts to sell low-quality equipment to the African countries.

The communist regime has also been involved in espionage activities through collaborative satellite launches. Officially, such exercises are said to be part of the understanding of weather patterns, drought and mining, however, in reality, it has dual usage in military affairs, reported The Times of Israel.

The US Congress members are investigating beneficiaries of Beijing’s investment in Ethiopia but have now turned to Kazakhstan. There’s a renowned clan, which is subject to extensive investigations that can lead to sanctions. The clan is led by Timur Kulibaev. He is a member of the Board of Gazprom and is believed to be the communist regime’s preferred way to Kazakhstan.

Timur had made efforts with some members of the administration to postpone and even cancel the visit of Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev to India, despite an increase in trade between the two countries, according to The Times of Israel. (ANI)

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