Why to Change the order of Qubee Afaan Oromo?

Why to Change the order of Qubee Afaan Oromo?

Afaan Oromo

By Endris Negewo

1. It is part of TPLF’s long term plan to Devastate Oromo as a nation and Oromia as a country. The late PM of TPLF, Meles said, “it is possible to reduce your population as well as your land”. To realize the target, TPLF have been killing us since they came to power, they have been making us desperate economically, they have changed our geographical demography, they distorted our culture and religions. However, they can’t devastate us fully, because our bondage is strong and our language culminates that bondage.

Language has significant impact and importance in nation building. It’s the tool of everything. You can’t rule a nation without language, you can’t preach without language, you can’t express yourself without language, you can’t use technology without language, you can’t buy and sell without language, you can’t command army without language.

TPLF is terrorized witnessing the development of Afaan Oromo and its role in alerting the vibrant Qubee Generation. The Generation meant to uproot a century old subjugation on its nation. It’s very fresh memory that the Qubee Generation shakes the power core of TPLF. Therefore, altering the order of Qubee is taken as the spontaneous revenge, using the state of emergency.

The international community has been supporting Ethiopians with brotherhood spirit. Billions of dollars have been poured into multiple projects in the country. However, significant part of the aids and loans was misused by TPLF. Recently, Millions of dollars were budgeted by USAID, for the project to enhance children’s reading capacity in their mother tongue. As usual, TPLF hijacked the project and used to deconstruct the order of Qubee, to blame on USAID.

2. It is the continuation of Deviating and Negating Oromo from their struggle for human rights and democracy. Since the Oromo protest erupted in 2015, TPLF used many business cards to destruct the Oromo from struggle for freedom. The attempt to divide Oromo in religious line and use terrorism, the blame on Egypt and Eritrea, the blame of OLF and Oromo activists, the criminalization and destruction of Oromo Federalist Congress, the accusation of nationalist OPDO members, the attempt to create inter-ethnic conflicts, politicizing of basic human right demands, the burning of prisons, the Irrecha massacre, the state of emergency, the proxy war of Liyu police. Deviation and Negation are political strategies by dictators, unable/unwilling to address legitimate public demands.

3. The Oromo language is one of the fastest developing African languages. It becomes the language of work/office, education, research, technology and potential language of international medias like BBC. This is beyond the intention of TPLF, which is to appease Oromo and other oppressed Nations, by officiating their languages ceremonially. For TPLF, everything is politics, and politics is staying in power by eliminating others. Politics of mutual existence, tolerance, nation building, diversity, compromise inclusion is not found in Woyyane dictionary. For TPLF to rule for a century, others must be eliminated.

Therefore, whatever progress they noticed with Oromo, including the natural ones, they have to intervene and regulate. They thought that they gave us the language, and if it develops behind their imagination, they should intervene. Therefore, this is an attempt to pull back the development of Qubee and confuse the Qubee generation. TPLF has been rolling every possible rock to divide Oromo. They have tried ideologically, religiously and economically. However, the Oromo have been uniting more than divided, because of its culture, especially Afaan Oromo.

4. Oromo from within and diaspora are working hard to fully translate Afaan Oromo to many international languages to be used online and manually. Grand Afaan Oromo project is one of them. The project was done by committed diaspora Oromo from different parts of Oromia, to incorporate different dialects and words. Recently, few brave Oromo are translating Afaan Oromo into Facebook language. Many people have been easily using the language on social medias to share information and learn from each other. Many books have been written by scholars and experts to enrich the language.

All these perspectives indicate, Afaan Oromo should be used as second national language of Ethiopia. However, it is bitter for TPLF to swallow this truth. Therefore, they have to obstruct its foundation, i.e. the alphabetical order and confuse Oromo peasants, social media, transnational companies and international community.