Finfinnee Maccaa Tuulama

Finfinnee Maccaa Tuulama Professor Getahun Benti, December 8, 2018 Finfinnee was the seat of a local Oromo leader, Tufa Muna, before Emperor Menilek II of Ethiopia conquered the region and turned it into a garrison [Read More]


Barara is not Addis Ababa

Barara is not Addis Ababa By Guluma Gemeda (PhD), University of Michigan-Flint, November 22, 2018 Recently, unpublished, 49-page document entitled: ‘Addis Ababa is Barara, and Barara is Addis Ababa’ has circulated on the internet. The name [Read More]

Cart before horse

Cart before the Horse?

Cart before the Horse? By Teferi Mergo, PhD The Ethiopian government has recently announced – rather unexpectedly – that it aims to fully or partially sell the government-owned manufacturing and service industries to the private [Read More]