Catalan parliament debates and votes on independence

The Catalan parliament will debate and vote on independence

(euronews) –Earlier today Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy told the Senate, the government must protect the law to put an end to the crisis in Catalonia. He insists he is not “protecting Spanish imperialism” but the people of Catalonia from a majority that is pushing their “doctrine” in the region.

Rajoy reiterated that the Catalonian government had shown complete disregard for the law and that the government had decided to shut down the control of the regional parliament in order to restore order in Catalonia.

“When laws are not respected, democracy suffers and the economic consequences are also very serious,” added the PM.

On Thursday, Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont rejected the idea of calling snap regional elections to diffuse tensions with Madrid.

Puigdemont was expected to announce an election in order to counter the Spanish government’s moves to take direct control of autonomous Catalonia.

But, speaking in the courtyard of the regional government headquarters in Barcelona, Puigdemont said he had not received sufficient guarantees from the central government that holding an election would prevent the imposition of direct rule.

“I was ready to call an election if guarantees were given. There is no guarantee that justifies calling an election today,” Puigdemont said.

He said it was now up to the Catalan parliament to move forward with a mandate to split from Spain following an independence referendum that took place on October 1 – an event Madrid had declared illegal and tried to stop.