A call for a shift in strategy of Oromia wide calls for stay home

A call for a shift in strategy of Oromia wide calls for stay home

By Olaanaa Saboonaa

Oromia Wide

The Oromia wide calls for stay home, trade embargo, labor strike and overall civil disobedience has successfully impacted the economy of the country that mainly benefits fascist TPLF, its cohorts and the region of Tigray.

But, unfortunately the Oromia wide strikes only may not take down this regime in time before they do further irreparable damage to our people.

We have said that the wisdom of our young generation is admirable in that they have managed to create cooperation with the struggle of the people of Wolqait-Gonder and in general with the people of the Amhara region. However, that has not yet been enough to quickly lead to the demise of these tyrants.

These tyrants are pursuing a tactic of the armed minorities against the unarmed majority, the Oromo and the Amhara people.

What should we then do in this case? Should we just continue by only pursuing the strategy of Oromo-Amhara united struggle? Should we just continue alone with just Oromia wide struggle? What will take us to the day of freedom to stop the carnage and genocide that is being committed by the fascist TPLF?

First of all we need to recognize that the Oromo people will not have their freedom and will not be able to defend their victory without an armed civil defense force and structure. History shows that disarming the Oromo has been the main task of all successive Ethiopian regimes including the TPLF, albeit on a different level of brutality and inhumanity. So, one of the main tasks of all Oromo liberation forces should be to arm and prepare the Oromo people to defend themselves from the invaders and achieve a sustainable liberation.

Besides the military, economic and diplomatic struggle our people are waging both inside and outside the country, we need to recognize that we are connected to the rest of the people of Ethiopia and should attempt to resolve the current quagmire in cooperation with the rest of the people of the country. Thinking otherwise, and deciding to just struggle in an isolated manner will only extend the rule of the TPLF juntas.

The Oromo people should continue with their struggle that has shown the world that they can act in unison and shake the foundation of a regime that had a plan to rule the country for a century.

We should also disrupt their tactics to arm and incite all minority nationalities against the majority nations: the Oromo and Amhara. A case in point is the genocide that they are committing against the Oromo people using the Ogaden and Afar regions’ so called Liyu police as well as creating conflicts among the people that have lived peacefully in the Amhara region. This tactic will not stop with only these regions; they will apply them wherever possible and viable for them.

To resolve this, all sides need to recognize each other’s pain and fundamental reasons for struggle. The Amhara and the rest of the country should recognize the historic and current injustices and genocide committed against the Oromo people and their reason to struggle and be free. The Oromo people also recognize the injustices and genocide committed against the Amhara and other people of the country. On this basis, they have to agree on fundamental issues to be able to live in peace after their victory over the TPLF rule.

To hasten the demise of the TPLF, the united struggle of the Oromo and Amhara may not be enough. The Oromo should take the initiative and coordinate the struggle with genuine representatives of all nations and nationalities of Ethiopia to take down the TPLF.

We believe that the new Oromo generation understands the need for a coordinated struggle with all other nations and nationalities. The Oromo have shown that they are united and can act in unison. Now is the time to take this to the next level of Ethiopia wide leadership to take down the TPLF juntas.

In saying this, we mean the Oromia wide civil disobedience, the united struggle of our people, the armed struggle and the work to create a strong Oromia wide civil defense structure should continue. This approach will stave off any attempt to re-subjugate the Oromo people and deprive them of the freedom they will achieve with the sacrifice of the lives of their precious sons and daughters.

The Oromo should be wise and smart as our forefathers. We should work on minimizing the sacrifices that our people pay by minimizing the number of our enemies by acting smart and wise. The new generation has shown that it can do this. We should be able to disrupt the new tactics of the Tigray juntas to incite the armed minority against the disarmed majority and stay on power.

The next calls for civil disobedience should also go to the rest of the people of Ethiopia not only to Oromo and Amhara. A simultaneous sustained nationwide strike can shut down and force the demise of this regime within  a few weeks. Oromo has been the vanguard of all changes in that country although no recognition has historically been given.

Now is the time for the new Oromo generation to play that vanguard role in a new situation that requires taking care of business to ensure that their sacrifice is not usurped by opportunists and the integrity and liberation of Oromia from the fascists and the self rule of the Oromo people are guaranteed.