Caaltuu Siyyoo: An Exceptionally Brilliant Female OLA Commander

Caaltuu Siyyoo: An Exceptionally Brilliant Female OLA Commander

Afendi Muteki

Recently I received a strange call from unexpected woman. She greeted me with a very polite manner and started to talk to me gracefully.

“Ati Afandii Muttaqiitii?”
“Assalamu Aleykum”
“Wa Aleykum Salaam”
“Nagayaa Afandii?”
“Nagaya, Fayyaadha”
“Ani Caaltuun j’ema”
“Caaltuu tami?'”
“Caaltuu Siyyoo naan je’an. Ati nama galata nabiraa qabu. Kanaafin siif bilbile”
“Ulfaadhu obboleettii tiyya”
“Seenaa Jaal Yaadataa tan dhokattee torte waan barreesiteefin sigalatoomfadhe”
“Ulfaadhu aadee teenya. Garuu ati Caaltuu tami?”
“Caaltuu Siyyoo hinbeeytuu?”
“Anii naaf hindhufne akkam. Nati himi mee”
“Caaltuu Siyyoo tan Jaal Yaadataa Bariisoo waliin qabsoo keessa turte san hinbeeytuu?”

When she told me that, my memory house was hit by an unconditonal sense of passion and tense emotions. I cried loudly as if I were a child whose mother left him lonly in a bed. Lots of memories, feelings, stories, heroes, legends and events flooded to my mind. And finally, I felt that I were enthroned as king of this planet because of the warm thanks and salutations I recieved from one of my all time heroines.
Yes! She was Caaltuu Siyyoo of Kombolcha whom we were considering as an ideal example of brave and energetic Oromo youth in general and the Oromo women in particular. She was that able and forcefull warrior whom we named the vangard of Oromo revolution and freedom movement in our early ages. She was the perfect girl who caused many men to say “After I saw the gallant and revolutionary works of Caaltuu, I regret to be created as a male”. She was the young lady for whom hundreds of girls born in our province were named “Caaltuu” in her honor. She was the woman who decessively destroyed the ill-nurished thought that was making the society to see females as inferior to males and opend the way for a new era of woman empworment in the Hararge region.

Even I don’t know her name as “Caaltuu Siyyoo” prior to this week. I and the whole society in Hararge region, from Garamulata to Carcar, were calling her as “Caaltuu WBO”. This was not only because she was the member of the then Oromo Liberation Army (a.k.a. WBO), but also because the Oromo people of our region, the Oromo institutions, the leadership of OLF in Eastern Zone in the years 1987-1997, and the members of OLA, used to see her as an able soldier and a tactician of the battle feilds whom the Oromo freedom fighters must take as their model.
I still remember the day on which I saw her for the first time. This was in the middle of 1991. I was sitting in front of the famous “Photo Mawardi” at the heart of Galamso town. Caaltuu came alone and asked a seller in the nearby shop “Annaan Niidoon Nijiraa?”. The seller couldn’t understand what she wanted but answered “Hinjiru”. A little girl called Lensa Urfoo, who was from Dire Dawa, and who came to Galamso with he mother, repeated what Caaltuu said and told us that she wanted a powderd-milk which we used to call “Aanan Bukraa”.

More than the new words we heard from Caaltuu’s mouth, her AK-47 became a hot subject of discussion among ourselves. The refile was very unique in many ways, but mostly for its being the model of the gun that could be used as a mini-bomber. The soldier that holds that kind of AK-47 can attach a bomb on its mouth, shot it by a bullet and attack his enemies as though he were using a launcher. We heard about the superiority of that kind of rifle when we were kids. But for the first time, I saw it with my naked eye on the first day I saw Caaltuu WBO. Even from among the OLF members stationed in West Hararge, I saw the refile only on the hands of Caaltuu and Yaadataa Bariisoo.
Who was this Caaltuu Siyyoo? What was her deeds in the Oromo Libration Liberation Army of that era?

Today I called her and talked to her for about 40 minutes. I wish I would write her story for you in this platform. But there are some unresloved questions for which I am seeking full answers and explanations. I am also searching some important men of that era who could reveal to us some unresolved mysteries. Accordingly, I will meet Caaltuu soon in Adama and hold a discussion with her.

After digging thoroughly into that glorious story of the Oromo Liberation Army, I will present a full essay to my readers here on Facebook, on my blog and other platforms. I will also take her picture and show you.

Stay in touch!
Afendi Muteki
Galamso, West Hararge
August 5/2019

Fooyyessa Diinagdeerratti Mariin Waajjirri Ministirri Muummee qopheesse gaggeeffamee jira.

Erga akkas yaaddamaa jiraate ta’ee, naannoo Oromiyaa keessattii amantaawwan geeggefaman kamiyyuu afaan oromoos fayyadamuu qaban.
Alaabaa mililik irraa kaasanii alaabaa naannichaan fayyadamuu qaban.
Magaalaa keessatti lafa ijaarsa mana amantaa bira darbee dachii awwaalcha namaatiif sababbii jedhuun lafa saamamte hundaayyu manneen amantaa qofa dhiisanii lafa duwwaa qabamee taa’u deebisiisuu qaba

Mohammednur Guye

“በኢትዬጵያ ታሪክ ውስጥ ቤተ-ክህነት የአማራ ገዢ ወደብ ልሳንና <<አእምሮ>> በመሆን ወደር የለሽ ሚና ተጫውታለች፡የሀገሪቱ የፖለቲካ ህይወት ዋንኛ አጋፋሪ በመሆን መሪዎችን <<መርታለች>>አፄ ምንሊክ ወደ ደቡብ ለመስፋፋት ከተጠቀሙባቸው መሳርያዎች መካከል #የኦርቶዶክስ_ተዋህዶ_እምነት ዋንኛዋ ነበረች ለዚህ ውለታዋም #ሲሶ ርስት ባለቤት ሆና ነበር:የዛሬን አያድርገውና:በአጠቃላይ ሲታይ በታሪክም ሆነ በየወቅቱ የፖለቲካ ድራማዎች ውስጥ በስፋት እንደታየው የአበሻ ገዢ መደብ አባላት የኢትዬጵያን ኢምፓየር የፈጠሩት በሦስት ተደጋጋፊ መሳርያዎች በመጠቀም ነበር። እነሱም #ዘውድ #ጦር_ሠራዊትና #ቤተክህነትነበሩ።”

#ኦሮሚያ የተደበቀው የግፍ ለታሪክ

The Ali’s now and in history….

Today, they are trying to do to Abiy Ahmed Ali exactly what they did to Iyasu Mohammed Ali, exactly a century ago. But it doesn’t seem their devilish move with a religious mask can be materialized in any imaginable scenarios given today’s local and global orders of consciousness. By the way, the characters and the political ambitions of these two Ali’s are so much superimposable, many people argue, and I agree 🙂 But the BIG question now is: today, would Abiy Ali allow these crude politico-religious crusaders to decide on his fate accompli like they did to the late Iyasu Ali a century ago? Time will tell 🙂

Girma Gutema


This Qeerroo is amazing 

ለ እኔ አብይ አህመድ…

– ኦህዴድም አይመስለኝም::
– አንዳንዴ ኦሮሞም አይመስለኝም::
– ኢህአዴግ አይደለም::
– በጭራሽ የኦነግ ደጋፊ ነው ብዬም አላምንም::
– አብይ ከጎሳ ብሄረተኝነት ይልቅ ዜግነትን ብቻ ያማከለ ፓለቲካ ምርጫው ይመስለኛል::
– አብይ ግን ሁሉንም የቱንም አይደለም::
– አብይ ብርቱ የሆነ የስልጣን እና የዝነኝነት ጥም (personality cult) ያለበት::
– ትምህርቱንም ስትልጣኑንም በአቋራጭ ያገኘ::
ጮሌ እና አምታች::
– አገር ለመምራት የሚያበቃ ችሎታ እና ጠባይ የሌለው::
– ኢትዮጵያ መሪ አልባ እንድትሆን በጠላት ህወሓት በተሰራ ክፋት ጊዜና ሁኔታ መሪ እንዲሆን እንድል የሰጠው ሰው ነው::

Samuel Gezahegn Belachew

ህዝብ በተሳሳተ መንገድ ሲደግፍ ኢንጂነሩ ብቻቸውን በትክክለኛ መንገድ ተቃወሙ