By Moa Aba Godu:- 11 Reasons for Ambassador Berhane Kidanemariam resignation

By Moa Aba Godu
11 Reasons for Ambassador Berhane Kidanemariam resignation
Reasons for Ambassador Berhane Kidanemariam resignation (adopted from his letter of resignation) from incompetence of the PM to assassination of opposition leaders, pushing of major political Organizations such as the OLF and OFC.
Now, OLF is saying I told you so!
1. Abiy has led Ethiopia down a dark path toward destruction and disintegration. I am filled with despair and anguish at the direction he is taking our country.
2. Instead of solving conflicts through dialogue, the Prime Minister has chosen to solve ideological and political differences by abusing the judicial system and using the military to suppress opposition to his rule.
3. Instead of increasing press freedoms, journalists have been arrested, assaulted, and assassinated.
4. Instead of leading a promised transition to democracy, elections have been repeatedly postponed
5. Political leaders have been arrested on false charges;
6. Opposition parties have been debarred and deregistered from participating in the electoral process.
7. Major parties like the Oromo Liberation Front and the Oromo Federal Congress have withdrawn from the upcoming sham elections because the government has jailed their leaders without cause and shut down their party offices.
8. Some of the most disturbing events of Abiy’s tenure have been the killings of major political and civic figures. These include:
a. The assassination of Simegnew Bekele, the passionate project manager of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam;
b. The murder of the Ethiopian Army Chief of Staff, General Se’are Mekonnen and his friend, General Gezae Aberra;
c. The assassination of Dr. Ambachew Mekonnen and other leaders of the Amhara region;
d. The killing of the popular Oromo singer Hachalu Hundessa, which was immediately followed by the arrests of political leaders like Jawar Mohamed, Bekele Gerba, Lidetu Ayalew, and Yilikal Getnet, among many others. These assassinations all remain troubling mysteries in Ethiopia, and the true perpetrators have never been brought to justice.
9. The continuous repression and killings in Oromia
10. The breakdown of law and order in the Amhara region, the violence in Metekel, and military conflict with Sudan signal a perilous future for Ethiopia under current leadership.
11. The most urgent crisis in Ethiopia, however, is the ongoing war in Tigray. In November 2020, the Ethiopian government launched a war on Tigray for the supposed purpose of a “law enforcement operation”. The government used its full military power, including ground and air assaults, against the Tigray region. Moreover, the government invited foreign forces from Eritrea and the United Arab Emirates (with the use of drone warfare) to attack its own people.
1. Now, more than ever, there is a need for national political dialogue in order to salvage the last vestiges of the imploding Ethiopian state. Therefore, the government must release all political prisoners and bring all Ethiopian political groups together for an inclusive national dialogue to solve the problems the country faces.
2. The government must allow an independent, U.N.-led investigation into all areas of Tigray. As the government is a party to this conflict, it is in no position to investigate itself through its so-called Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, which serves as nothing but a fig leaf to the international community while the government pursues its crimes with impunity.

Bilxiginnaan alatti Paartiilee 11 Oromiyaa irratti dorgomuuf galmaa’an keessaa 1 qofatu amma filannoo irratti hirmaachuuf deema. Sunuu kan maqaa Oromoo hin qabne, bakka tokko moo 2 qofa nama bakka buufate. Kan nama dinqu EZEMA fi PP tu Oromiyaa bakka hundatti galmaa’ee xumuree qophaa’ee filannoo eeggataa jira. Akkan odeeffannoo qabatamaa qabutti EZEMAn teessoo Caffee Oromiyaa 90 oliif nama bakka buufattee dorgomaa jirti. Paarlaamaaf ammoo teessoo 30 ol Oromiyaa irraa argachuuf dorgomaa jirti. ABIN ammoo Adaamaa fi bakkoota adda addaatti qaadhimamtoota qopheeffatee jira. Innis Caffee seenuuf dorgomaa jira. Naannoleen biroo nagayumaan paartiilee isaanii hirmaachisaa jiru. Fkf naannoo Amaaraatti ABiN guutumaan guututti galmeeffatee qophii xumuree jira. Achitti ni moo’ata jedhamee eegama. Kan filannoo keessaa dhiibamee baafame paartiilee Oromoo qofa. Kuni maal nama agarsiisa? Bilxiginnaan Oromoo addatti baaftee gabrummaa hamtuu jalatti kuffisuuf kutattee hojjachaa jiraachuutu natti mul’ata.