Buraayyuu :”One suspected covid-19 case is found in Burraayuu.

Buraayyuu :”One suspected covid-19 case is found in Burraayuu.

#Buraayyuu (Inbox) : “One suspected #covid19 case is found in #Burraayuu. A women from USA is found in #Tseratsion Condominium and taken to hospital while people who have contact with her are still left at home in the middle of thousands of residents. What kind of carelessness is this? The government is just trying to look concerned while there is no professional aproach on the ground.”

Tsegaye Ararssa


“Magaalota fi aanaalee Naannawaa Finfinnee jiran keessa quuqamtootni hordoffii (observation) adeemsisaa turan. #Bakkeewwan hunda keessatti tajaajilli #Bishaanii hin jiru. Namni qulqullina eeggachuun hafee bishaan dhugu argachaa hin jiru. Bakka tajaajila bishaanii fooyya’aa qaba jedhamutti bishaannii #torbeetti ala tokko dhufa. Innuu yoo baa’ate sa’a 1 tura. #Taakkalee_Uumaan naannawaa Finfinnee bishaan irraa kutee Finfinnee qofti tajaajila akka argattu gochuun daldala siyaasaa hojjechaa jira. toora Tweeter irratti suura maxxansaa oola. #Ethiopia jechuun Finfinnee qofa godhamtee ilaalamaa jirti. Vaayrasii koronaa ittisuuf Fifinneen alatti sochiin tokkollee taasfamaa hin jiru. Torbee muraasa booda Oromiyaa keessatti reeffa walii awwaaluufillee Wal baqachuuf jirra. Vaayrasiin Kun Oromiyaa keessatti itti yaadamee babaldhifamaa jira. Uummatni keenya hanga dandahame walii isaan Wal dammaqsee dura dhaabachuu qaba

The world is doing all what it can to save citizens from COVD19.
KMN:- March 20/2020
Abiy’s Ethiopia has delibrately stopped providing millions of Oromos with internet and phone services to achieve it’s own perceived political goals which is not justifiable by any standard.

By doing so, it has denied millions access to latest and developing news and information about COVD 19. This human rights violation is taking place in addition to having a significant part of the region under military command posts facilitating extra judicial killings, torture, rape, displacement and imprisonment. Depriving people of their right to communicate and get information in this pandemic is in effect a blunt intent to commit genocide.

This is also a new form of apartheid imposed on the Oromo people. It is hard to perceive that this is happening in the 21st century. The world should not stay silent knowing this unimaginable atrocity is happening in this unfortunate country.


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We are this flag.
We are those closed windows.
We are the open balconies where people sing the strength. And we are those who applaud the wisdom and sacrifice of doctors, nurses and all the people who’s helping our infected fellow-countrymen.
We are the prayers and the blasphemy.
We are the persistence and the loss of patience.
We are the flaws and the virtues.
We are the drawings in the pictures, the words of the poems, the arcades, the churches, the walls of sculptural beauty.
That we created. Us, the Italians.
We are the mess and the obedience.
We are often the abundance.
We are all the colors of a paint brush, the same ones we find in our dishes.
We are the food that we cultivate only here, between mountains, hills, seas and rivers.
We are the love we make in the fields of flowering peach trees.
We are a stolen kiss during a waltzer.
We are a trap song in the oldest square.
We are the ones who wear the smartest dress in the world into the most desolate bar at the dawn.
We are the melancholy hidden behind a smile.
We are a sweet gesture, that doesn’t necessarily mean forgiveness.
We are the sacrifice.
We are.
Italy is MY land. And I’m HERS.
Let’s pay tribute to this country, often called “elder sister”, because of her history.
But you should listen to a real elder sister and use her as an example.
And an elder sister must never be left alone, especially when she cries.

Laura Pausini