Buraayyutti ganama kana qofa namni 30 ol hidhame!

#Buraayyutti ganama kana qofa namni 30 ol hidhame!
Balaan Buraayyutti qaqqabe #Kiyyoo ittiin maqaa #Shaneetin #Qeerroo mana hidhaatti ittiin guuranidha! Eeyyee Poolisiin Oromiyaa mootummaa malee diina hinqabu. mootummaan humna siyaasa Oromoo laaffisuuf jalqaba humna Qeerroo naannoo Finfinnee cabsuu qaba. Isa kana dura #Wallaggaa fi #Gujii keessatti maqaa Shaneetin Oromoo bahaa fi gala dhoowwan ammas dhufanii kinoo handhuura Oromiyaa ga’aniiru. Balaan kaleessa galgala Buraayyutti poolisoota Oromiyaarra ga’e kiyyoo ilmaan Oromoof kaa’amedha. Tooftaa ittiin maqaa #Shanee jedhuun ilmqan Oromoo ittiin hidhanii fi doorsinanidha. Kinoo har’a ganamaan yoo xiqqaate hanga sa’a kanaatti qofa namoota soddomaa ol sababa kanaan hidhaniiru. Qeerroowwan hedduun adamsamaa,hidhamaa,baqachaa jiru. Oromoo falli jiru kallattii maraan sagalee walii taanee falmachuu qofa.
Obsi nu gabroomsaa jira!

Yeroon Tol

In any parliamentary system, Prime Ministers are at the mercy of their party and parliament. Their position is always under scrutiny. In Italy where they follow parliamentary system, there have been 65 Prime Ministers (governments) since world war two. Compare that to USA where they only had 13 presidents.

Presidential system offers leaders a breathing space to ‘do whatever they like’ or even go against the party they represent because they are directly elected by the people. Their allegiance is not the the party, but to the people. That is absolutely impossible in the parliamentary system, where sovereignty is lies not only on the people but also on parliament.

Look at UK’s Boris Johnson, how he is debilitated by the parliament. He lost four times at the Commons, he is a PM but he got no power.

Abiy is acting like a president, than a Prime Minister. He does whatever he pleases. Some of the people he brought to the palace are not even party members, that is impossible in any other parliamentary system unless only for consultancy purpose. Daniel Kibret is not members of OPDO or any party, so many in that palace.

Abiy needs to be defeated and humiliated on the upcoming election.

Biyya Oromiyaa

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