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Bringing the Word to those starving for it in Ethiopia

Bringing the Word to those starving for it in Ethiopia

(One News Now) — In an Eastern African nation known for its poverty, Ethiopian Christians are hungry for the meat of the Word of God – and a Bible translation organization is more than eager to help.

According to Wycliffe Associates President and CEO Bruce Smith, there is a mature, thriving Christian church in Ethiopia, which has been a bold Christian witness since the first century A.D. However, the country now faces some major spiritual and physical difficulties.

In the horn of Africa, Ethiopia is surrounded on three sides by radical Islamic nations. In addition, the average Ethiopian income is less than one dollar a day.

Smith explains that under these settings, Christians in Ethiopia are craving for spiritual truth – which is only found in the Bible — and Wycliffe plans to meet this need through providing Bible translations.

“It’s a country with about 85 different languages, and still dozens of those languages … don’t even have a single word of Scripture,” the Christian leader pointed out. “We currently have partners that are ready to begin Bible translation in 15 of those languages – as soon as we can come up with the funding to have a workshop in order to provide the training so that they can get started.”

The head of Wycliffe shared with OneNewsNow that Ethiopian Christians lack the financial resources needed for Bible translation.

“What they do have is time, energy [and] a commitment to God’s Word,” Smith stressed. “They have, of course, intimate knowledge of their own language and culture, and those are the things that they can put to use immediately – if we can bring them the technical tools and the training that they need in order to do effective Bible translations.”

The cost to run a two-week workshop is $20,000.

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