Bringing Bitcoin to Ethiopia with Kal Kassa – Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

#Ethiopia: Bringing #Bitcoin To Ethiopia With Kal Kassa

Spreading knowledge about the power of Bitcoin doesn’t just happen by accident. Getting information out to those who need it requires expertise and concerted effort from someone like Kal Kassa.
Kal works with the Lightning Network and is taking on the charge, pouring energy into bringing awareness into more secluded regions. On this episode of the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast,” we had the privilege of being joined by Kal as he discussed his work in Ethiopia and the broader narrative around Bitcoin in Africa.

“I hope to be considered a champion of financial inclusion and not a threat, or an illicit or like criminal actor, but if they do consider me as criminal I’m fine to wear that burden as well,” Kal said.

Bringing Bitcoin To Ethiopia With Kal Kassa