Bridge on Tekeze River in Ethiopia’s Tigray destroyed – aid group

Bridge on Tekeze River in Ethiopia’s Tigray destroyed – aid group

NAIROBI, July 1 (Reuters) – A bridge on the Tekeze river in Ethiopia’s Tigray region has been destroyed, the International Rescue Committee said on Thursday, adding that as a result getting aid to the war-ravaged region would be “even more severely hampered than before”.

#NewsAlert: International Rescue Committee – #UK confirmed that Tekeze bridge in #Tigray “has been destroyed”
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“We are devastated to hear the Tekeze bridge in Tigray has been destroyed.
This was one of the main supply routes into Tigray which means aid efforts will be even more severely hampered than before. The IRC continues to call for unfettered humanitarian access to the region.”

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1 thought on “Bridge on Tekeze River in Ethiopia’s Tigray destroyed – aid group

  1. All these superheroes belong to Oromia; ethiopia has nothing except confiscating history and feat of such sort from other tribes and nations.

    Ethiopia is in the verge of collapse and disntegration. Amhara detsroyed the Tekeze Bridge in an attempt to deter TDF which makes it clear the fcat that they are not able to resist and confront the mighty Tigrean forces. Abiy told to his comarades that he lost the battle and he will no longer wish to deploy his army to Tigray instead he insisted to keep the strong army to protect him being in closer physical proximity.

    How can a criminal crew who claim that he want Tigrean farmers to plough their land detsroy their bridge that help them to get access to seeds, fertilizers and an urgent humanitarian aid ?? it does really contradict to one another ? The most baffling thing is he and his fans start publicly criminalizing the entire people of Tigray and labeling them as ” accomplices of terrorists ” which gives a play ground for those who hell bent on killing Tegarus . Some of his fans even officially utter that Tigreans above the age of 3 should be killed .Again and again I find it too scary and horrible after having slept on it and pondering over it.

    With whom we were living for centuries ?
    አስቀድሜ ደጋግሜ እንዳሳሰብኩት ተጋሩን በጅምላ ጨፍጭፋቹ ሆነ አስረሽናቹህ ተመርታቹ የተጋሩ መሬት ና ቤት የያዛቹህ ና የሰፈራቹ ሁሉ በህግም ሆነ እንምነዋለን በምትሉት በየትኛውም የሀይማኖት ትምህርትና ሥርዓት የተከለከለ ነው፥፥በአርአያ እግዚአብሔር እንደናንተው የተፈጠረን ሰው ያለ ርህራሄ ጨፍጭፋቹ በገዛ መሬቱና ርስቱ ልትቀመጡና ልትኖሩ አትችሉም፥፥ሱዳን ከተቆጣጠው መሬትና ከሌላ ስፍራ ለቃቹ ተጋሩ ይኖሩበት ከበረ መሬት ና ቤቶች ልትኖሩ አትችሉም፥፥ይህን የከፋ የሚያደርገው ደግሞ የፖለቲካ እሊቶቻቹ ከሰላም ይልቅ ጦርነትንና በሰላም ስም ለጦርነትና ለ ጅምላ ጭፍጨፋ ያለ መታከት ሲሰናዱና ሲሸርቡ ይታያሉ፥፥ሕዝባችንን ይጎዳል፥ብለው ያሰቡትን ሁሉ አድርገው አልሳካላቸው ቢል የተከዜን ድልድይ በማፍረስ በቀቢጸ ተስፋ በአልሞት ባይ ተጋዳይነት የአማራን ሕዝብ ማለቂያ ወደ ሌለው ዕልቂት ሲጋብዙትና ሲያዘጋጁት ይስተዋላሉ፥፥ በሰላም ከመሬታችን ውጡልን፥፥፥

    Amhara elites are traitors and liars of all time !

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