Breaking: the war in Tigray crumbling before PM Abiy and President Isaias as TDF re-enters Mekelle

Breaking: the war in Tigray crumbling before PM Abiy and President Isaias as TDF re-enters Mekelle

In a rapidly developing situation there are reports that Tigrayan Defence Force troops are marching back into Mekelle – a city they were forced to abandon on 28 November 2020.

This morning Mekelle saw an Antonov aircraft land. Troops removed money from the banks, to be flown to Addis.

Then the government appointed administration left their posts, abandoning the city to its fate.

Ethiopian troops were reported to have left the prisons, with prisoners escaping.

Finally Ethiopian troops abandoned the city itself, leaving the way open for the TDF.

Meanwhile, there are credible reports that the Ethiopian Foreign Minister, Demeke Mekonnen, met western diplomats on Sunday and offered a comprehensive ceasefire in Tigray.

The western diplomats are said to have called for all Eritrean troops to leave and for talks to be opened with Tigray’s elected government.

Source: Eritreahub

Fana Broadcasting says “Tigray Interim Government requested ceasefire”.
Ceasefire after defeat? Too late now!!
Typical Characteristic of dictators, they don’t see their defeat until it is too late!!
Some extraordinary developments over the last two days:
Widespread reports that Mekelle is under TDF control.
Ethiopia confirmed that it has accepted calls for ceasefire
Parliament meeting tomorrow. Not clear if ceasefire will be officially announced. PM not expected to address parliament.
Well, That parliament is going to find out that TPLF is not a ‘flour scattered in the wind’ after all.

Jarri biyyoo arraabdee lafaa kaate jedhu. Jarattiin mataa cinii ammas biyya ishee walaboomfachuufi osoo raatuun keenya biyya immiyyeef wixxifattuu😱😂 Yaa Nu’ii😂😂

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