Breaking! The Sidama National Liberation Front to Join the Coalition of Resistance by the Federalist Forces!

Breaking! The Sidama National Liberation Front to Join the Coalition of Resistance by the Federalist Forces!
Sidama National Liberation Front (SNLF) Press Release
24 August 2021
The misguided political ideology of the government of Ethiopia and its prosperity party rendered the country a failed state on many levels. The country has failed to deliver peace and security to its citizens. The genocidal civil wars are raging in every corner of the country. Today, in the 21st century, the country has fallen into the hands of despots whose primary goal is to dismantle the right of nations and nationalities to self-rule and create a unitary state founded on the hegemony of one historically dominant ethnic group, that positioned itself as the guardian of the unity of the country.
The ongoing war crimes and crimes against humanity being committed in various parts of the country are the outcome of an archaic unitarist ideology of domination, assimilation, and enslavement of the historically oppressed peoples. Unitarists are anti nations, nationalities, and peoples. They have no vision for the country except war, plundering of natural and financial resources and perpetuating poverty and ignorance. Today, these unitarist forces led by the prime minister and his allies are committing heinous crimes against the Tigray, Oromo, Qimant, Agew, Afar, Benishangul and other nations. Yesterday they massacred Sidama, Konso, Somali, Wolayita and other peoples.
Today, Ethiopia is not only a failed state but it is a state on the verge of disintegration. To safeguard the right of nations and peoples to self-rule from the unitarist onslaught, to halt the genocidal wars waged on various peoples and to avoid a costly disintegration of the country, the Sidama National Liberation Front (SNLF) has decided to join the armed struggle by the Tigray Defence Forces (TDF), Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) (Oromo Liberation Front) and other federalist armed forces.
We believe that if the federalist force
KMN Kush Media Network

August 24, 2021
A Must Read Document for short-memory gripped generation!
The sons and daughters of the Sidama nation Must Re-Read this and Take Relevant Action!
They and the rest of nations’ sons and daughters must come to term that Ignorance has to have limit!
Watch out!! Know What you’re doing and Why you’re doing!
Question and Question Repeatedly! Never Agree to Any Orders of the rulers without Questioning and Reasoning!
The Generation that ‘CAN Not’ Reason and ‘Question’ Becomes Subservient Tool For Any Repressive Regime/s!
In the current Ethiopian politico-military climate this becomes so relevant. Do not ignorantly indulge yourself in unnecessary War that was planned, executed and stage-managed by Amhara expansionist elites fighting to restore their imperial territories and vindictive Eritrean despotic dictator who is determined to decimate Tigray and Weaken the Ethiopian Empire. We don’t have any issue with the Empire but we do when this becomes relevant for our identity and rights to self-determination.
The Current War in Ethiopian Empire is the War of Territorial Expansion!!
Just two years ago, the Amhara elites were globally vilifying the Sidama nation that was peacefully demanding its rights to regional self rule to be honoured as per the constitution of the country. The Amhara elites were orchestrating conflicts in Sidama and put the blame on Sidama nation to eventually berate the nation in such abhorring manner.
The Sidama nation as well as all the Federalist forces in Ethiopian empire have got all rights to reject the current Amhara elites’ dominated and Eritreans dictator remote controlled barbaric regime that wages war on its own citizens forging alliance with foreign countries. This is a pressing issues that begs urgent responses from all over 80 nations and nationalities of the Empire.
Now the Sidama sons and daughters and the rest of nations’ sons and daughters are obliged to be sent to war to unnecessarily sacrifice their precious lives.
As we have repeatedly reiterated the Sidama nation and the rest nations of the empire Must Join Federalist forces instead of supporting expansionists forces fighting to restore their imperial territory thereby the slavery of the peoples of nations and nationalities.
The Sidama Ejjeetto (both within the Sidama land and their Sidama Diaspora Collaborators) Must Stop their alliance with those Ethiopian and Eritrean criminals who are gang-rapping the Tigray, Oromo, Kemant, Agaw and Benshangul-Gumuz Women and girls instead urgently Joining Federalist Forces fighting to restore law and Order thereby human dignity and nations’ rights to genuine Self-Determination.
Just over 2 Years ago those who are calling you to fight their war were vilifying the Sidama, Oromo and various nations in the following manner.
May Justice Rule Over Mankind!

Via: Denboba Natie

Crimes of Sidama Extremists in Awassa and What Must be Done to Ensure a Lasting Peace and Security in the City
Google Satellite map of the region

By Damo Gotamo
August 9, 2019

Ejjeettos and their financiers are in big trouble. They are running for their lives. Many are behind bars, and those who escaped prison are being chased down by the brave men and women in uniform. Some of the criminals who were caught, confessed, in-front of Judges, that they are mentally deranged and didn’t know they were involved in criminal activities. Others gave their lives to Jesus Christ and finding comfort in religion, behind prison walls. 

The hegemony of Sidama extremists in Awassa and their crimes against its residents appear to be ending. With the establishment of a Command Post, people in the city are enjoying newly found freedom and empowerment. Residents who have been abused, harassed, and displaced for decades at the hands of Sidama ethnic lords are full of optimism about the future. It is difficult to list and describe every crime the Sidama ethnic entrepreneurs committed in Awassa over the years in such a brief piece. 

Illegal activities described below represent only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the crimes the Sidama extremists committed in Awassa and the cities in Sidama zones. 

During the 2018 Fiche Chamebelala Holiday celebration, the Sidama extremists burned people alive and displaced thousands from their homes in Awassa. Many of the perpetrators of last year’s crimes were not brought to justice. They were left free to roam the streets of the city to commit more crimes. Instead of serving time behind bars, the criminals were rewarded with employment and promotion opportunities in the city. Emboldened by the indifference of the PM, the Sidama extremists resorted into committing brazen crimes and reduced Awassa to a dangerous place to live and do business. 

On several occasions last year, the extremists forced government and private institutions to close their doors on any day they wanted. The closures affected the government’s ability to provide services to people and curtailed its capacity to perform important functions such as collecting revenues. Private institutions like banks, hotels, and other businesses closed their doors frequently causing them to lose millions of Birr. Factories in the Industrial Park had to cease their operations for months due to continued lawlessness in the city. Schools couldn’t teach regularly, hindering the academic progress of their students. 

Last year, the Ejjeettos easily entered a supposedly secured government building and interrupted the meeting of the central committee of the SEPDM (Southern Ethiopian People’s Democratic Movement) and beat many of its members. In the incident, an official sustained serious injury, and he required hospitalization. 

It was a long time since the extremists turned a football stadium in Awassa to a political arena for promoting their narrow ethnic agenda. Every week, Sidama extremists would send the Ejjeettos to the stadium( Ejjeettos never paid the entrance fee) to harass and attack the non-Sidamas who were in attendance to watch football matches. The Ejjeettos frequently assaulted fans in the stadium, while the members of the police looked disinterested on the sidelines. On one occasion, they even attacked off duty members of the military, who were in attendance to watch a football match. Match days became favorite times for Ejjeettos to taunt non-Sidamas and rob the properties of the people who worked and lived near the stadium.

Sidama ethnic entrepreneurs were also engaged in extorting and abusing business owners in Awassa. Several times last year, the Ejjeettos demanded businesses in the city to give money for their cause. They delivered stamped letters to the owners, asking several hundred Birr from them. If an owner hesitated to pay, the Ejjeettos would threaten him with closing his business. 

The criminals were extorting up to thirty thousand Birr from a single businessman. This is on top of the money they illegally take from people every year in the pretext of celebrating Fiche Chambalala holiday. A few months ago, Million Mathewos, the president of SPNNR, gathered businessmen in the city and urged them to contribute money for “ Sidama cause.”

In Awassa, Ejjeettos were above the law. They were free to commit any crime without due regard for the law. Fore example, they could order anything in any restaurant and leave without paying. If they were asked to pay their bills, they would say “We are Ejjeettos.”The incompetent police of the city would do nothing to stop the crimes of Ejjjeettos. Instead, it would encourage them to do anything (loots were shared with the police) and summon Ejjeetto’s help when it wanted to harass the non-Sidamas in the city.

Ejjeettos could force teachers to take exams for their students. In this year’s ESLC exam, many students from schools in Sidama zone are expected to pass because the Ejjeettos ordered teachers to work on student exams. Similarly, because of the

orders of the thugs, in this year’s COC (Center of Competency) exam in Awassa, every student who was registered to take the exam received a passing grade.

After gradually placing everything in the city under grips, the Sidama extremists worked hard to make Awassa exclusively a Sidama only city. In the process, they openly and systematically committed many crimes against the people of the city. 

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  1. Ejeto,
    Forget everything else, if the Sidama and the Oromo disrupt the ability of Ethiopia to export coffee, Ethiopia’s war mongering descendants of armed Amhara settlers, the Nefxagna class, will lose more than 70% of their foreign currency earnings!

    Just let that sink in for a second! They rob our people to buy implements of war so they can turn around and make war with it on our own people! Ethiopia is a Trademark they use on the International Markets, a trademark which they have registered with the Power Centers of the World, to hold the resources of the Sidama, the Oromo, and all the other colonized peoples of the South as their ‘trade secret.’ Never mind cutting off the Gold & Platinum mines, the Livestock export, etc; just disrupting the Coffee export will send these parasitic Amahara-centric system reeling! We can bring these Leeches to their knees in more ways than one!

    Proud to call you our TRUE brothers!

    Long live the unity and brotherhood of our two peoples!
    Let us GO Ejeto!

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