Breaking: Sidama/Ethiopia-The Ethiopian PM, Dr Abiy Ahmed Disgraces Himself By Threatening

Breaking: Sidama/Ethiopia

The Ethiopian PM, Dr Abiy Ahmed Disgraces Himself By Threatening A Peaceful and Law Abiding Sidama Nation with Imminent Military Attack.

The Reckless Rant Of The Ethiopian PM

The Ethiopian PM’s short-sighted, condescending, unconstitutional and self-deprecating ‘RANT’ of July 01, 2019 during his report to the lifeless EPRDF’s parliament neither intimidates law abiding Sidama nation nor stops it from its constitutional and peaceful course of action. Instead, it consolidates the nation’s unity and resolve by further motivating the nation to peacefully push with its constitutional and lawful demands to be able to govern its affairs so that it can lift its down-trodden society from his EPRDF masterminded poverty and indignation. Apparently, the EPRDF’s regime has given the Sidama nation nothing other than the indicated poverty, misery, human suffering and displacement.

Contrary to the indicated facts, the new PM wants us to erroneously assert that he is a God-given angel to rescue the Sidama nation and all peoples in Ethiopia from slavery- whilst he himself is masterminding our eternal slavery by tucking himself in the pockets of unionist who are responsible for the indignation of our nation for the last 130 years, since the colonial expansion of the Habesha king Menelik II’s in 1890s. Furthermore, his rant also seriously compromises the very tenet of the Ethiopian constitution that guarantees the rights of nations and peoples to self-determination (Universal law- The right of nations and a people to self-determination is a cardinal principle in modern international law). Additionally, his rant also paves the avenue for the reversal of belief that the constitution grants rights to ethnic federalism- to an old and obdurate ‘only Ethiopia’ without due regards for the enslaved subjects.

The PM Self-Asserts About His Government’s Failure

For a moral person, it has become evident that the new PM has proved his government has been totally and utterly defeated simply because he is repeating the very rant that he has vehemently refuted and his predecessors used to intimidate the Sidama and the rest nations of the country whilst ruling with an iron feast since 1991. We least forget that, the current PM has also been a part and parcel of the indicated brutal TPLF/EPRDF’s system for the last 23 years and has been responsible for creating citizens’ freedom and progress limiting INSA (National Intelligence and Security Services) that is responsible for coordinating the assassination, unlawful incarceration, torture and abduction of tens of thousands of political figures in the country- in addition to its surveillance roles.

However, when he and the other party members began defecting TPLF’s EPRDF to join a progressive forces for democratic change in Ethiopia, following the Oromo Qeerroo led revolution (since end of 2014 to early 2018); the peoples of Ethiopia have put trust in him and the rest of progressive group. The Sidama nation has been in the forefront of doing so. Following the new change, the Sidama nation has not only supported the current PM’s government from its onset, but also repeatedly honoured him and his national and international dignitaries in their land (Hawassa) in such majestic and Sidama customary manner. Tragically, such trust of the new PM in Sidama land is rapidly eroding due to his reckless and unreliable actions towards the nation and his inconsistence with his responses to the nation’s quest for a regional self-rule as he plays irresponsible cat-mouse game in the past nearly 12 months since the nation has lodged its demand to be a national regional state as the country’s supreme law guarantees. However, the Sidama has lawfully and peacefully followed all the necessary avenues to achieve its longstanding quests for a regional self-rule & it is on is final phase.

The Failure Of Ethiopian PM In Addressing The Sidama’s Quest For Self-Rule

Tangible evidences further show that, the reward the Sidama nation has received from the new PM to date is a repeated lie, deceit, subterfuge and the recent intimidation with threat of military attack. The irresponsible rant of the PM in his parliament on the indicated date is blindfolded and cowardly PATHETIC!! Evidently, the Sidama has peacefully conveyed its messages time and time again and will never stop from doing so. For instance, millions of Sidama people on each day have staged on a repeated peaceful demonstrations demanding the Ethiopian government to respect the will of the nation including on February 21, 2019 and between March 13 and 15, 2019. There won’t be any cowardice than threatening unarmed nation and its civilians that is peacefully demanding its rights with a national army. We deplore with all possible terms such an act!

Moreover, the first in its kind in Ethiopia and wider Africa, only Sidama women organised peaceful demonstration has also taken place on April 09, 2019 by over a million Sidama women and girls. Once again, the Ethiopian PM has disrespectfully ignored the repeated yearnings of the nation for freedom and equality without uttering a single word. Contrary to this, we saw him running from place to place to address local smaller issues in various parts of Ethiopia. He has continually disrespected the Sidama and ignored the voices of over 6 million nation until we heard him of ranting on July 01, 2019 with the threat of military attack.

Such short-sighted, reckless and irresponsible rants of the PM are dangerous not only to Sidama nation but also to the entire Ethiopia and eventually to his own tenure. Military might never resolve historical and political grievances of any nation also it offers a temporarily respite for rulers. Additionally, we also feel appalled and shocked to hear the current PM blaming the Sidama nation for having negative impact on its reform agenda. In contrast, the Sidama has shown how supportive of his reform agenda and has repeatedly proved how civilised and peaceful nation it is in the face of nationally, regionally and even internationally coordinated Sidama vilifying campaign; about which now we believe the new PM may has been part of with the objective of misleading the peoples of Ethiopia and global audiences. The nation has persevered to date and will continue to do so for decades to come as it manages its own affairs in a regionally autonomous Sidama land where freedom, justice and equality will be its guiding principle.

Does The PM Disown His Own Belief And Conviction Or Else He Has Been Deceiving?

During his inauguration speech of April 02, 2018 in Ethiopian Parliament dominated by his EPRDF party; and indeed during the periods of his first week’s honeymoon tours to various regions where he has delivered both uplifting and self-contradicting messages; the new PM Dr Abiy Ahmed has claimed violence to and planning to attack a peaceful people is the sign of utter defeat and indeed state terrorism. Ironically, he has on July 01, 2019 repeated the very slogan he has labelled as defeat, backward, uncivilised and undemocratic in his inauguration speech with the objective of intimidating of the Sidama nation. As saying goes, a history repeats itself.

We strongly believe that the primary purpose of any government is protecting its citizens from outside attack (not threatening with military power), establishing justice for all, ensuring domestic fairness and tranquillity by fostering social cohesion, liberty, equality and freedom for all. In a country where democracy is mature, economy is developed; for that matter even in an egalitarian traditional society the purposes of government also involve protecting and providing. This means, the authorities are responsible for providing for and protecting vulnerable groups of the society. Therefore, the accountability of the government officials must be the people of the country or their electorates and these officials are always duty bound to providing social and economic services, peace, justice and security to the people they govern without discrimination. If any government is involved in discrimination of any people or nation, the discriminated peoples or nation can lawfully claim they are not part of that government. We are questioning whether these are respected in Ethiopia in general and in Sidama in particular. Does the PM know whether he and his cronies are preparing for the unity of Ethiopia or for its disintegration? This is serious question the PM and his unionist cronies must immediately answer!

Since the new PM has been elevated to the position of the Ethiopian Prime Minster after the collapse of TPLF’s foundation following the relentless Oromo’s Qeerroo and other people’s struggle where between 5000 and 6, 500 precious lives were sacrificed in two and a half years’ time; he has time and time again displayed disrespectful contempt for the peaceful and law abiding Sidama People. He has ignored nation’s repeated outcry. Unable to handle the Sidama’s peaceful resistance, now he is threatening with a military might by claiming the Sidama nation is wishing to secede.

There is no shred of evidence that the Sidama nation demanded for a cessation although such erroneous and blatant rationalisation of the PM show tacit conspiracy of the unionists to silence and thereby tame the Sidama and the entire south of Ethiopia to an eternal slavery. However, the time of silence has passed; hence the Sidama nation never agrees to the agendas of slavery on its own land. We fight with all possible means not only for the rights of our nation, but also for all enslaved 55 nations of the south of Ethiopia whose lives are put at the mercy of unionist oppressors who are interested in their land and resources but not in them in an exact manner as the European colonisers did and do to their colonial subjects.


Finally, the Sidama nation has fully followed the entire requirements stipulated in the Ethiopian constitution. Therefore, we believe that the illegal actor is the Ethiopian government, not the Sidama nation. We strongly advise the Ethiopian government to unconditionally stop its threat of attacking peaceful Sidama nation instead urgently honouring the constitution other than orchestrating further violence and insecurity in Sidama land and beyond that benefit no party. You may kill our people, but never kill our will and determination to be self-reliant and self-governing nation, which will be very soon. The Sidama nation must also continue with its course of constitutional demands and peaceful coexistence with whom the nation has lived and peacefully harboured to this date despite their venomous campaigns against our national aspiration to prove them wrong; and show that our nation always maintains its high moral ground by remaining civil, peaceful, accommodating, tolerant and law abiding.

As we conclude, the Sidama politicians, intelligentsia, business community, peasants, youth and older, women and men and the society at large must remain united and resolute with their national resolve in the face of government’s unconstitutional and illegal threats until the government unwillingly concedes and abides with the country’s supreme law. The Sidama zone must also prepare the necessary final precondition for the official declaration of the Sidama national regional state (SNRS) as it is stipulated in the constitution. Furthermore, the SNNPRS must lawfully plan for a peaceful exists from the Sidama land instead of plotting against the Sidama and its constitutional rights. We request the support of nations and peoples of Ethiopia- as well as the international community to support the Sidama’s constitutional quest for a national regional self-determination and strongly advise recklessly ranting Ethiopian PM to abide with the rule of law to be able to lawfully address the needs of the Sidama nation and wider Ethiopia.

Sidama National Liberation Front -SNLF