BREAKING! Prime minister Abiy Ahmed released a statement about the situation in the country.

BREAKING! Prime minister Abiy Ahmed released a statement about the situation in the country.
The statement that we are learning from several points is the most important thing.
1. The prime minister has called the people to support the defense force and the activities of the infidels.
2. Abiy Ahmed said ‘ although peace is good ‘ and now it’s the last time, this.
In 3., we were dancing for the people of Tigray, we removed our army from Tigray.
4. cats are not bigger than begging ‘ Juntaw is like that they can’t swallow peace.
5. children have given drugs and they are going to war ‘ TPLF.
6. This issue will unite all Ethiopian people and we are working for unity.
7. The flag of the world started to keep quiet even when TPLF started fighting young children. Come on over and over again. I’m not talking about it.
8. The government will do everything necessary to save the country.
9. The only power that TPLF has to spread lies and lies.
10. All Ethiopian citizens are calling on Ethiopia to stand for this issue ‘and defend our defense force’ anything that comes from outside and inside.
11. The International Community said ‘ first time ‘ should be opened ‘ aid s’ and stop bullets ‘ when we did ‘ TPLF made the aid ‘ and the international community won’t talk ‘ all of that..
Nj nj.. n Ogaadenia media Addis Ababa

Ogaadenia Media

The Amhara region said that they will pass against defending themselves and they will attack….
A press release from the Amhara region’s press office has been talked about the situation….
The Amhara region said that they will answer the attacks by TPLF. Took it to the cities….
Don’t Front Aber Gele yours Tsegabti; Raya. Korem, Alemata your bullet;
Gizatchew Muluneh who is the director of the Amhara regional media office said that they will answer the attacks of TPLF and they will attack it.
He said that the war that TPLF took over the people of Wolkayit region and Raya ‘ wanted to kill children, elders and women being violated by international law. Gizatchew Muluneh, director of the ‘Amhara region’ said that.
He added that their region is still trying to prevent and oppose the force, but the special forces of the region and the security forces ordered to attack the ‘ TPLF stations. What’s from now on..
Sabiir ali ‘ ogadenia media Bahar-Daar.

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