Breaking Nwes! Atrocities rampant in Oromia, Ethiopia.

Atrocities rampant in #Oromia, #Ethiopia.

Raissa Curriso is jailed with her 2-month old infant in Arsi zone, Dodola District by govt forces.
PP forces jailed Raissa b/se they wanted to arrest her husband Muhammed Buqqato (OLF rep in Dodola), they couldn’t find him.
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Bara 1992 ALA
Lammaa Magarsaa miseensotaa fi hoogganoota Waraana Bilisummaa Oromoo waliin Dhidheessatti hidhamee mana hidhaa keessatti basaasuudhaan EPRDF’f gahee leencaa ba’achuu isaa Abbaan Duulaayyuu bara dabre ‘Arts tv’ irratti gaazexeessaa Darajjee Hayilee waliin qophii ‘በነገራችን ላይ’ jedhurratti ifatti dubbateera.
Gaaf san eessa turte warri Laambaa jalaa hafuu dadhabdu kun?

The Trump administration is in shambles even as it is about to end. It has already abdicated US leadership on the global stage. And yet it dances to the tunes of well-paying lobbyists. The demand of the administration to Eritrea to “withdraw its forces from Ethiopia” is very suspect.
Needless to say, Ethiopia is a sovereign country. If there are indeed Eritrean forces in Ethiopia, it is not up to Trump or Pompeo to tell them to go home. At a time when Americans are dying in thousands from the pandemic, Mr. Trump should rather spend his remaining days in office on saving lives.
Ethiopia is fine. It has just crushed a US-backed terrorist group called the TPLF. No amount of misguided US meddling in the internal affairs of Ethiopia will give the mafia group a lifeline. It is done!

ብሔራዊ እርቅና ኮሚሽን ውጤታማ ለመሆን ከብሄራዊ አረቄ ፋብሪካ ልምድ መውሰድ አለበት። ልዩነትን በሰለጠነ መንገድ ብቻ ማስተናገድ 😛

ትላንት ምሽት የመጨረሻው ስራ ተሰርቶ አልቋል፡፡
የመጨረሻውን መግለጫ የሚሰጠው አካል እየተጠበቀ ይገኛል።
የተመታው ተመቷል፣ እጅ የሰጠውም እጁን ሰጥተዋል።
የተወሰኑ የህውሃት አመራሮች በመጨረሻው ሰአት ከመደምሰስ ይልቅ እጅ ሰጥተው ወደ አንደኛው ካምፕ ተወስደዋል።
ምናልባት ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትሩ ከኬኒያ እንደተመለሱ የመቋጫውን ዜና ሊያበስሩ እንደሚችሉ ይጠበቃል ይሄው ነው !