Breaking news!Thousands of ONLF supporters hold a rally in Qabridahare town just days after PP supporters rally in the same town. Election vipes!

Breaking news! Thousands of ONLF supporters hold a rally in Qabridahare town just days after PP supporters rally in the same town. Election vipes!


Naannoo Somaalee Hiriirri Mormii guddaan lafa shochoosu dhooheera! (Somalia People Continued protest)
Naannoo Somaaleetti Ummaatni manatti hin hafne!! Akkuma jirutii gadi bahaniiti
~ Abiy Ahmed Ali barri aangoo isaa dhumeera teessoo ummataa hatattamaan gadi dhiisu qaba.
Down Down Abiy, Down Down prosperity party, Down Down Mustefa, Abiy must go………

Murni masaraatti hafe goolii keessoo guddaan qabamee jira. Akka dhagahaa jirrutti qondaalli isaanii gurguddaan wal afaan deebi’anii jiru. Gariin mana keessaa akka hin baane wal hidhaa jiru. Masaraan alatti ammoo bulchiinsi naannoolee irree jabeeffachuun murna masaraa san dura dhaabbachaa jiru. Ummanni Ogadenia guyyaa har’aa Abiy fi ergamaa isaa naannicha bulchu hin barbaannu jechuun hiriira irratti bahanii jiru. Mootummaan Naannoo Benishaangul dhiibbaa gama naannoo Amaaraa fi masaraa murna abbaa irree FF jiruu irraa dhufu kamiifuu hin jilbeenfadhu jechuun ibsa jabaa baasee jira. Oromiyaa keessaa mormiin hanga guddina Oromoo gahu dhihootti akka dhoohus beekamaa dha. Barana hin baatu!

Somali Region: Embryonic and Fictional State.
Ethiopia’s Somali Regional State (SRS) still represents a vivid failure to the fruitless efforts of establishing a functioning administration that can progressively and over time delivers essential social services—in a disaster and turmoil-prone region decapitated by corruption inflicted by its own clan termite elites and the impact of brutal and oppressive policies zealously implemented by Somali region’s successive cheerleaders with a grin.
Apart from the flashy lifestyle of the political elites and white elephant projects that continue to drain millions of taxpayers money–progress in expanding basic services, accountability to the public, and improving quality of essential services like ( water, health, and education), especially in rural areas– remains almost fictional. And the ruling elites will blame every living creature except themselves for the severe shortage of services.
With erratic and haphazard responses to social service deliveries and emergencies, the governance gap is largely filled by humanitarian aids.
Unfortunately, the Somali region’s public institutions will remain embryonic and dysfunctional as long as the masters in Adds Ababa encourage and prioritize loyalty to them than holding the regional leadership accountable for failing to improve and deliver basic with all the billions of the budget available to the region.
Mustafe had the opportunity and the choice to bravely dismantle the corrupt, dysfunctional, and rent-seeking system in the Somali region and lay down the foundation of a new state– where the rule of law is respected, social service delivery prioritized and corruption ruthlessly tackled. Sadly, SRS has turned into a corruption KING KONG playground for VVIP.
Some idiots will remind you to say “Alhamdulillah” because things are much better now: people can criticize and torture isn’t as common as Abdileey’s era. What a stupid logic.
Abdiileey abused his power; he exploited the corrupt clan system and the weak institutions. He prioritized serving his maters before his people–even if that involved brutalizing, tormenting, and slaughtering his own people.
Where is he today? While the hated, deranged Abdiileey is rotting in prison, his TPLF masters are licking their own wounds but at least move freely in the Tigray region protected by their own people.
The bravado of today’s ruling elites, how they openly and sarcastically abuse power and embezzle public resources is a direct copy-paste conduct of Abdiileey’s days.
Those who abuse public offices– because of their clan affiliation and closeness to the seat of power –will eventually end up in a political garbage shredding bin.
Keep buying the pizza and roasted take-away chicken with stolen public money; keep parking public landcruisers around hotels outside working hours– sipping a cup of tea paid with taxpayers’ money while laughing with clan minions.
If this is the modus operandi of SRS, shall we ever expect a change for the better? I don’t think so.
-Kassim Haji Noor