Breaking News: Tigray leader Debretsion spoke on phone with Finnish FM

Breaking News: Tigray leader Debretsion spoke on phone with Finnish FM

President Tigraay Dr. Debretsion Qondaaltoota USA 🇺🇸 fi European Union 🇪🇺 waliin mari’atanii jiru..
Jarana Warri PP Juntaa dhabame nuun jachaa hin turree? Duba amma eessaa juntaan USA fi European Union waliin mar’ate..!! Warri PP kun maaliif Ummata miliyoona 100 olitti kijibaa oola laata? Odeeffannoo biroo argachuuf telegram koo join godhi! 

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  1. We , unfortunately , are at receiving end of the cruelty of the savage wild Eritreans. Don’t to waste your time to reduce these barbaric men to PJDF(Higdef) leaders or Eritrean troops. For me, nearly all Eritreans are barbarians. I don’t dare to compare these people with animals . Since, as you all know, animals do harm humans when they are provoked , hungry and for reasons associated to fear , consumption of daily meal etc .
    Studies shows that cruel people have had practicing abuse against pet animals as a child, lack education and abuse of drug and alcohol and abuse by people from their society . These people are certainly manifesting visible traits that perfectly coincide with the above scientific research outcome.

    These days, I have noticed some Eritreans disguising themselves(in sheep’s clothing) as Tegarus instructing us not to harm Eritreans soldiers who are captivated. H owever, I do insist on leaving my views here urging the body concerned to take drastic measure on those captivated killers who massacred our children, mothers, priests n monks and do engage in raping nuns and mothers.

    I have no mercy at all if I were in your position. No need to justify this action . It doesn’t matter if those victims were my family members or not. All are suffering because of their ethnicity and we are safe only because we are far from their presence and we are not on the wrong place and wrong time.

    Former US CIA leaders and US top ranking officials waged war on our people. No sensible person could accept the justification provided as US officials are not aware of the invasion of Eritrea . Sadly, they are reporting back to us and telling us they are saddened by the atrocities committed against the People of Tigray for the past 5 months unwilling to take action.

    Hypocrisy is on the rise at high political elites level who claim to have their finger on the nuclear button. We thanked them because I felt they could do more to my people. Ye welde aytsedkim endetebale . We appreciate them to see our people saved but they continue to involve in hypocrisy and offering justifications and mere sorrows without doing a required action to save lives . they are not willing even to deliver food in most affected areas where people are dying on a daily basis. If it were in EU or other rich countries they will intervene instantly!!

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