Breaking News” Kello Media Satelitte irraa bu’ee jira.

Kello Media Satelitte irraa bu’ee jira. Miidiyaaleen karaa Gada Bilisumma Channel sagantaa dabarsan hundi yeroo ammaa uuguramanii jiru.
Guyyaa muraasa keessatti Satelitte akka deebineen isin beeksisna.
Sagalee Oromoo Uumkkamsuun waanuma hin danda’amne.”

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  1. Hello Kello!
    I am just re-posting this message I posted on Kichuu around the time YouTube blocked your channel. Please DO NOT rely on Facebook alone either! It is important for you guys to look at alternative platforms less susceptible to pressures from Ethiopian activists this moment, & TPLF/TDF Agents & activists in the immediate future, as the TPLF seems to have gained the ‘blessing’ of the West to march South to re-conquer Oromia…Rumble comes to mind for being outside the FAGOT (Facebook, Amazon, Google, Oracle, Twitter )dominated Cloud-Computing Market. Standing with our independent voices is our duty as Oromos! Let your Audience know the kind of help you guys need…

    Keep up the great work!

    ” July 20, 2021 at 10:19 am

    A note to Keelloo and ALL other Oromo-Focused Media Outlets:

    Fisrt of all, Welcome back Keelloo!

    YouTube has proven to be Anti-Oromo by de-platforming the very few Oromo Media outlets we have…For starters, please diversify your distribution Channels away from The FAGOT Universe, i.e, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Oracle, & Twitter, which control a huge share of the Cloud Computing Market! Please consider using other Independent Service Providers which seem to be less prone to pressures from
    Pro-Ethiopian Activists and Agents who want to CENSOR and stifle independent Oromo voices. Expanding your News casting to Rumble, for example, can be done without adding too much overhead to your operations…Your goal, hopefully, is to get to a point where you can have your own Independent end-to-end distribution platform. While you work to get there, if you need Technical or material help from your audience, please ask…We are Oromos: at least, we are not hurting for lack of brains! Even the Habeshas will admit that much! LOL

    Keep up with the great work! “

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