BREAKING NEWS: Jigjiga, At least nine EDF have been killed and dozens more injured

#BREAKING NEWS: Jigjiga, At least nine EDF have been killed and dozens more injured
At least nine #EDF have been killed and dozens more injured after a #Tigrayan soldier opened fire on #Amhara forces at #Garab_Ase military base in #Jigjiga, #Somali region capital.
According to reliable sources, hundreds of #Tigrayan soldiers have been disarmed and detained at two military bases on the outskirts of #Jigjiga.

Sources added that a #Tigray soldier grabbed a gun from another soldier, then opened fire at armed forces mostly from #Amhara ethnicity who were in the camp, where eight instantly died, before he was shot-dead.

The shooting happened at the camp #Garabcase.
News from the capital of Jigjiga has declared that troops from Tigre who were part of the Ethiopian military forces that were connected to the case. For those of you who were with this study, remember that I told you that the soldiers were brought to Ethiopia bank to pay their salary.
Now it happened that three of them escaped and thought of the guardians.
There are conflicting news coming out: some people say they survived lineage and escaped their bones. Some are saying that the guardians have caught guns.
There will be news coming out except those who escaped the Amharic officials killed.
Those who escaped and went to Liyu army and requested to save them.
This news that I got members of the security office explained a bad issue.
– Ahmed Absiye

Spokesperson claims #TPLF forces have “destroyed” Bahir Dar Airport military base, “shot down” fighter helicopter
(Courtesy of Tigrai TV)

Kutaa Waraanaa 21ffaa Abiyyi Ahmad keessaa ajajaa waraanichaa qofti lubbuun hafuu TPLF Beeksifte.


Ankuar : አንኳር – Ethiopian Daily News

– November 23, 2020