Breaking news: Ethiopian Airlines group CEO, Tewolde Gebremariam Regrets..

Breaking news: Ethiopian Airlines group CEO, Tewolde Gebremariam Regrets notices that there are still employees of the airline who are participating in this treasonous acts.
He also said “Five member of inquiry committee (Three from Airline ,Two from minister of defense).
CEO of Ethiopian Airlines working on investigating on how such sensitive information could be leaked ?”
They are really worried about the information leaked, it is not about how Weapon transportation Happened with civilian airline? “CEO of Ethiopian airline reminded his management members that the airline will continue fulfilling demands of the government and the maximum care should be taken at all level of operation not repeat similar leakage off information”
# Technically still want to do it. The only issue, they are working on it Only leakage of information, but Ethiopian airline will continue to transport Weapons. According to their article.

የዉድቀት ዋዜማ ሹመት ወንጀልን ለመጋራት ወይስ ሀገር ለመምራት

OMN Horn Odeessaalee Har’aa (ONKOLOOLESSA 7, 2021)

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