Breaking: More imprisonment in Sidama. September 07 2020

More imprisonment in Sidama.
September 07 2020
Sidama, Ethiopia, East Africa
Dictator PM Abiy Ahmed’s Sidama Agents Arrested Assistant professor Flata Gigiso in the evening of September 06 2020 in the capital Hawassa.
Sidama intellectuals and politicians targeted imprisonment continues as more are hunted and arrested. Over 350 Sidama political prisoners including the former Hawassa mayor are still languishing in various prison cells from whom over 60% contracted Covid19.
The new SNRS that has been earned with the bloods and bone of the Sidama people is hijacked to be remote controlled by Abiy’s illegal unionist PP party and easily target any Sidama with the interest on defending the Sidama’s national interest.
The current victim is one of such Sidama personalities.
As Abiy’s unitarist regime commits genocide in Oromia….it equally targets the Sidama nation hence requiring the Sidama’s full scale preparation to be part of the Oromo’s peaceful resistance. The Sidama Nation Must demand the unconditionally release of professor Gigisso and the entire Sidama prisoners and immediately join the Oromo’s struggle for justice and equality in Ethiopia.
Stop state terrorism in Oromia!
Stop state terrorism in Sidama!
Stop state terrorism in Ethiopia!!