Breaking : Former head of UN- OCHA fears Ethiopia is on the verge of disintegration.

Breaking: Former head of UN OCHA fears Ethiopia is on the verge of disintegration.

There are very few people who are as qualified and with deep understanding of the #WarOnTigray as Mark Lowcock, who served as the chief of United Nations OCHA until few months ago.
For the first time after leaving his post, Sir Mark Lowcock has authored an article that reflects his most frank and independent view on the genocidal war on #Tigray. In short, his conclusion is the obvious- #AbiyAhmedAli is wrong to wage war on Tigray and he will fail.
“It was foolish to send Ethiopian Federal troops to Tigray last November .. It was beyond reckless to invite the Eritrean army in to help. And it was criminal to abet and incite the campaign of mass rape, killings …
Fresh recruits to the Ethiopian military, summoned by mass mobilisation campaigns praying on their patriotism, have been deployed in human wave attacks against Tigrayan defensive lines. This has so far failed: the main result is tragic piles of corpses of young men and boys…
All this reveals – or confirms – that Abiy has two objectives in Tigray. The first is to starve the population either into subjugation or out of existence. The second is to do that without attracting the global opprobrium that would still, even in today’s fractured geopolitical environment, arise from deliberately causing a massive famine taking millions of lives. It is also clear that the second objective is less important than the first. That is the message to be taken from the threatened expulsion last week of UN humanitarian leaders from Ethiopia. Abiy would rather take the criticism for that than allow them to see what he is trying to do…
The irony, well-informed experts privately say, is that Abiy’s game plan cannot work. If he tries and fails to destroy Tigray, he will be destroyed himself. If he succeeds, he will never survive the backlash that will follow. His only out is to take up the African Union’s call for dialogue. But does he see that? …
Scenario planners in leading countries and institutions now think Ethiopia may disintegrate. They assess the consequences to be very bad. For everyone. Not just in Ethiopia, but further afield too. Is it still possible to pull back from the brink?”

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