Boru hiriiratu jira jedha embaasiin USA. Hiriira nagaa gochuun mirga lammiileeti.

Boru hiriiratu jira jedha embaasiin USA. Hiriira nagaa gochuun mirga lammiileeti. Kan qabsoofneefis namaafi gareen kamuu mirga akkanaa akka goonfatuufi. Bu’aa injifannoo QBOti. Ummanni keenya magaalaa Finfinnee of eeggannoon socho’aa. Tuttuqaaf doorsisaaf miira keessa hin seeninaa. Haala jiru gama fb fi bilbilaan nuuf gabaasaa.
Jawar Mohammed

OMN: Turtii Ob. Galaasaa dilboo waliin taasifnee. Fulbaana 18, 2018

Out of an abundance of caution the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa is suspending operations on Wednesday, September 19 in light of expected large scale demonstrations in Addis Ababa.

All visa appointments and scheduled American Citizen Services appointments are cancelled. American Citizens should make a new appointment via the Embassy website. Immigrant visa applicants will be contacted shortly to reschedule. Non-Immigrant visa applicants should visit the Embassy website to schedule a new appointment.

Americans requiring emergency assistance should visit the U.S. Embassy website for contact information.

Additionally, the American Center in Addis Ababa and the Satchmo Center at the U.S. Embassy will be closed tomorrow.

We encourage all those involved in the demonstrations to express themselves peacefully.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks again to so many of you for sharing your thoughts with us over the last two days. We’ve learned a lot and have some new ideas about how we can support the reform process. We’d note that the vast majority of people celebrating over the weekend did so peacefully and welcomed gestures of solidarity from some residents of Addis who offered food and support for those who came from outside the city. Unfortunately there were also reports of violence in some areas and understand that investigations are underway. Once again, we firmly believe that violence has no place in this process. We encourage each of you to carry this discussion into your communities, seeking common ground and opportunities for cooperation. Of course there are challenges but we remain optimistic because we can see that most Ethiopians want the same things – peace, prosperity, and inclusion for all.
U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa