Notorious Genocidaires From Ethiopia-Somali Region Flee the Country

BREAKING: Notorious Genocidaires From the #Ethiopia|n #Somali Region Flee the Country


Notorious “Liyyu Police” (special death-squad forces) colonel, Sanyare, who is in the list of the suspects wanted by the Taskforce established by the Ethiopian Federal Government to solve the “Somali-Oromo conflict” is reportedly assisted by [Somali region president] Abdi Iley to escape to Thailand. He went to Addis Ababa four days ago and bought medical referral documents and fled to Thailand.

By helping the most wanted suspects who were responsible for the eviction and killings of Oromos (no body cares how many Somalis he killed anyway), Abdi Iley is obstrucing justice.

It is understandable why Abdi Iley would prefer to send away Sanyare more than the commander of Liyyu Police Abdirahman Laba’gole. Sanyare and another cruel colonel called Muktar Suubane are the two special assassins that Abdi Iley uses for hig-profile killings. This is public knowledge in Jigjiga and the Somali region.

It is up to the Oromia regional state to protest to the Task Force now that it is clear criminals of one side are protected by the army.

Photo: Sanyare and Muktar Suubane … (think of Mengistu’s Melaku Tafara and Ali Musa during the red terror. Those guys would sound saints compared what these two men did to people).

Source: Ethiopian Somali activists network



  1. Are there no Oromos in Thailand? It is up to Oromos worldwide to urge the Thai government to deport or detain people suspected of mass murder in other countries.

    • What about the police in oromia who set up a trap for the innocent Somali civilians who sought protection from qerro mobs eh? the massacre in the police station, a hutu style slaughter. are you willing to speak up against cruelty for these people. this whole article smacks of hypocrisy. lemma megersa is playing with fire. Don’t block my comment if you believe in freedom of speech that is!

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