Bilxiginnaan keessootti wal sukkuumaa jirti. Bakka lamatti cabuun waan hin oolle.

Bilxiginnaan keessootti wal sukkuumaa jirti. Bakka lamatti cabuun waan hin oolle.

Yaya Beshir

የአብይ ምርጫ የለሽ ጉዞ፡ የፌደሬሽን ምክር ቤት ውሳኔና የተማከለ፣ አሃዳዊ፣ አምባ-ገነንነት እንዲሁም ፍሬ አልባዉ ሽምግልና

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Aanaa Haluutti Pp/Bilxiginnaan
Barjaa Waajjira ABO Caccabsite

#Ethiopia: Update: A statement by #Wolayta zone communication bureau said that the


Addis Standard
decision of the zone’s members to withdraw from #SNNPRS Council should neither hinder the actualizing of the planned transfer of power to the future #Sidama regional state, nor should it influence the process.

The statement says the decision of #Sidama state was a done deal which doesn’t require #SNNPRS Council members to cast a fresh vote on the transfer of power. It added that Wolayta zone has been & continues to give its firm support for Sidama referendum.

“…የደቡብ ክልል ምክር ቤት የወላይታ ሕዝብ ተወካዮች ራሳቸውን ከምክር ቤቱ አባልነት ማግለላቸው በፍጹም በሕገመንግስቱ መሠረት በሕዝበ ውሳኔ ያለቀለትን የሲዳማ ሕዝብ የሥልጣን ርክብክብ ሊያደናቅፈውም ሆነ ተጽዕኖ ሊያሳድርበት አይችልም። ምክንያቱም በሥልጣን ርክብክቡ ላይ የክልሉ ምክር ቤት ያለው ሚና እንደአዲስ ድምፅ የማይሰጥና በቀጥታ ተጽፎ የተዘጋጀውን ደብዳቤ በምክር ቤቱ ዋና አፈጉባኤ በኩል ለሲዳማ ዞን ምክር ቤት ዋና አፌ ጉባኤ ከማስረከብ የዘለለ ሚና ስለሌለው የወላይታ ሕዝብ ተወካዮች ከምክር ቤቱ አባልነት ራሳቸውን ማግለላቸው በሥልጣን ርክብክቡ ላይ ተፅዕኖ ይፈጥራል ተብሎ አይታሰብም፤ ልታሰብም አይገባም።”

Please read the full statement here:…/a.2080379322229…/2623981601202580

Ethiopia: መረጃ – ወደ መቀሌ የተጓዘው የሽምግልና ቡድን ምን አስገኘ? | TPLF | Tigray | PP

ODUU Afaan oromo oduu hatattama salphina bilxigina jun 17/2020

Is Ethiopia a federal or unitary state?
The implication of this wrong circular is far reaching particularly when seen from the prism of how political appoints of federal institutions and employees are bent on the wrong agenda of anti-federalist pursuit. In the minds of Ms Meaza Ashenafi & Co, Ethiopia is a unitary State in which a federal Supreme Court president can order state courts on duty days via a simple circular like this

Girma Gutema

Federal Supreme Court can NOT order regional supreme courts for administrative matters. According to the FDRE Constitution, both courts may meet during legal proceedings (of appeals). If the federal court delegates some of its jurisdictions to the regional courts, it delegates with responsibilities. It can NOT dictate saying do this during nights, don’t do that during rainy seasons. Regional courts know what to do and what not to do. For me, as a student of federal studies, regional courts can react to this letter of the federal court demanding clear explanations. Never forget that regional courts, regional police forces are creations of regional councils and hence fundamental symbol of self-rule. ያሳስባል!!

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