Bilxiginnaa: Innikun hoo maal jechuudha laata? Ethiopia is Jeorge Floyd??

Bilxiginnaa : Innikun hoo maal jechuudha laata? Ethiopia is Jeorge Floyd??

Bilxiginnaa hadheeffattee Ameerikaa balaaleffachuun jaraa dhiibbaa Ameerikaan irraan geessisaa jirtu kallattiin tahee al kallattiin cimaa tahuu isaa ibsa. Gama biraatiin waraana Tigraay dadhabuu isaanii kan agarsiisu waraanni Tigraay Hashiisha xuuxee lolaa jira jechuu isaaniiti. Waan hadoochu waan fayyadamaniif sodaa hin qaban jechuu isaaniiti. Jarri sodaa hin qabdu jedhanii ragaa ofirratti bahan. Carraan jara moo’achuu dhiphaa tahuu mul’isa. Gabaabumatti gadaan Bilxiginnaa dhumateera!

Ferhan Abdulselam

I remember the “cockroach” messages that led to the Rwandan genocide. Now “cancer” – used by PM Abiy – is being used against Tigrayans

Martin Plaut

Ethiopia is Jeorge Floyd✋

In Gonder city in the Amhara region there is a strong conflict and noise. As the Amhara people were saying, they are in the middle of the war and there are armed forces.

Amharas are still carrying army organisations while they even got military aid from other states and the federal government of Ethiopia.
The situation of Ethiopia hasn’t reached a point yet.

Another evidence lunatic Abiy’s regime targets Tigaru nationals.
Abraha Desta was known for his fierce opposition to flawed government policy and authoritarianism during TPLF era. Nothing else can explain the harassment targeted at him now by PP regime than he is being ethnically profiled. Utter madness!


በፉከራ ቢሆን ኖሮ ????

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