Betrayal of the Oppressed: Here is a classical case

Betrayal of the Oppressed: Here is a classical case how betraying a cause looks like.

Dr. Berhanu Nega, a former activist, a revolutionary man since the 1970s, exiled for more than 40 years, and a long time memeber of the defunct EPRP, has finally chose to labdance for an autocrat in the making.

In the past, intelectuals like Sinaye Likee from UC Berkely and Dr. Haiku Fida from the University of Sarbonne in Paris did the same. However, they led Ethiopia to darker and scarier landscape. Dr. Nega is Ethiopia’s reincarnation of an intellectuals-turned-servants of an autocrat.

In a recent interview with Ethiopia’s official paper, Addis Zeman, Dr. Nega argued that the two top values for his Ezema group are “law and order plus unity!”

The same values were also prioritize by the Dergi (salam and andinet, “peace and unity”).

Dr. Nega did not even bother to mention democracy, fair and free press; he also failed to stand up for the 100s of Oromo political prisoners. He completely belitelled the struggles waged by the Oromo, Somali, Sidama, and others for their freedom and equality.

The similarities between the Dergi, MESONI, and Ezema, that is Dr. Nega’s party, and Dr. Abiy’s party are striking.

What the MESONI group headed by Dr. Hailu Fida were to the Dergi in the 1970s Ezema of Dr. Berhanu Nega is to PP. The role played by Dr. Hailu Fida in the early 1970s for the Dergi is played out by Dr. Nega today.

Dr. Fida was an Oromo who supplied to the Dergi theoretical frame work to rule the country, Dr. Nega, an assimilatednGurage Christian, is enrout to becoming the new Fida for the PP.

What is Orwellian is that Dr. Nega and his WORK group were chased out of Ethiopia by Dr. Fida and MESONI. Today the past enemies profess the same religion called “peace and unity,,” a code language that seeks vanquish those who stand up for democracy and equality for nationalities.

What Dr. Nega isnpreaching is similar in many ways President Trump’s law and order and “Make Great America Again.” In Dr. Nega’s lexicon, it is Ya Itobiya li’ulawinet.” These are xenophobic and chauvanstic slogans, no matter who utters them.

Both Fida and Nega seem to forget one thing. There cannot be a unity without freedom. It is almost impossible to unite the peoples of this anceint and aging primitive Empire by force.

The “unity by force” model has been tried since Haile Selassie became the new king in 1930. Almost after one hudered years, we have not moved an inch towards real unity, of course with the exception of individuals like Dr. Nega advancing a fake unity narrative.

Dr. Nega became what Somalis call ” boqol soon oo bakhti ku afur,” which in translation is ” fasting for a hundred days only to break the fast by eating the forbidden in the last minute” – that is wasting valuable repository in your hands.

One thing is sure: Ethiopia is on the verge of a new autocracy in the making, and Dr. Nega and his Ezema are helping to put its architecture together.

We have seen what a marriage between a former revolutionary an an autocrat from the ranks of the army looks like. It has caused wide speead conflicts and could potentially precipitate a full blown disintigration.

So far, the disintigration has been that of the minds and hearts of millions of Oromo, Somali, Sidama,Tigre, Afar, and others. If not arrested, a geographic disintigration will follow suit.

A serious conversation on a comprehensive political discourse starting with the unconditional release of all political prisoners is the preferred starting point.

Faisal Roble

Somali Region News

Information coming from credible government sources indicates that Abiy Ahmed has lost control of everything.

According to the sources, Abiy and his group hoped that the arrest of Jawar Mohammed and high profile Oromo political leaders and the shutdown of #OMN would help control protests erupted following the assassination of Hachalu Hundessa. Contrary to their expectation, the people intensified their protest by announcing market and transportation boycott. Price hikes on goods is hurting people in big cities especially Addis Ababa.

Another nightmare for Abiy is the news that many Qeerroos are resorting to armed struggle. He already failed to control rebels that are challenging his government in the West and South Oromia region.

N.B- File Picture Qeero uprising in 2017

– Malka Hawas

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  1. Although he made tactical errors, Haile Fida is by no means comparable to this thug called Berhanu Nega. Haile was a giant who thought that it was possible to democratize Ethiopia. The attempt at democratization was for the first time and I won’t accuse him for this. On the other hand Nega does not have the slightest inkling of what democracy, equality and human rights are. Since his EPRP days all he is interested in is power, which he will never have access to in the presence or absence of Abiy. I don’t think the comparison was fair.

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