Bekele Gerba is Bekele Gerba, that is what he remains to be!

Bekele Gerba is Bekele Gerba, that is what he remains to be!

This is the face of BekeleGerba, the face of a survivor who survived TPLF’S torture chambers, and did so at least twice.

This is the face of a leader tested and tried amidst unspeakable horror visited upon his family, friends, colleagues, and comrades.

This is the face of a moral leader who dared to face upto the rule of violence of a deeply violent State through non-violent resistance, and won!

He, along with his colleagues, is one of the people who inspired a generation by the truth of his words and the example of his deeds, even the generation that challenged and pushed TPLF to the brink of its grave.

Bekele is a courageous moral leader that TRIED the conscience of his country even in the court he was illegally brought to stand trial. He is one of those who, in the course of their trial, turned the table on the system and put the court itself on trial.

Above all, he is a decent human being and a pristine soul (perhaps too pristine for a politician) who is incapable of wishing ill of anyone, let alone of fellow compatriots who experienced the same atrocities like himself. His sense of integrity, compassion, and other-regarding moral sensibility cannot be tarnished by anyone’s attempt at groundless vilification.

In the midst of adversities, he stood tall and refused to harbor grudge against his oppressors even as he appealed to their conscience.

In the same vein today, we refuse to engage in a tit-for-tat about what he said (and did not say). We should do nothing more than appealing to their better selves

In particular, we should refuse to throw dirt on anyone just because that’s what they chose to do. After all, whoever throws dirt at others gets to pick the dirt by himself before throwing it at them.

Why should we?

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Tsegaye Ararssa

Vi Va the honorable Obo Bekele Gerba !

God forbid, your shortsighted outlook regarding democracy or freedom of expression is the one that often forces me to jump in where I don’t belong.

Trust me, If most of you whom I know on Facebook are given a chance to lead, certainly, you will definitely become far worse dictator than the ruling regime.

Now Speaking of the honorable Obo Bekele

As the same as you are entitled to each and every rant which you often present to your viewers, Obo Bekele Gerba is also privileged to say whatever he bears in mind.

No one has an entitlement to put a gag on him. Let him speak his mind and speak yours. Let people mind their business and mind yours.

Just like the way I have reduced your master Dr. Birhanu Nega to a con artist. I was entitled to my view and you were entitled to attack me as well. That is how it should be. Everyone is entitled to whatever they have in mind.

Eduardo Byrono

Piroof. Isqeel Gabbisaa
[OBN 27 09 2010] Jijjiirama Itiyoophiyaa keessatti dhufaa jiru milkeessuuf tumsuun barbaachisaa ta’u himan