Major Battles Occurrences Across Ogaden: – ONLF

Major Battles Occurrences Across Ogaden : Ogaden National Liberation Front( ONLF)

Major Battles Occurrences Across Ogaden: - ONLF
File: ONLF Army in November 2016

(Ayyaantuu )  – Gode, Ogadenia (ONA) – The news reaching from Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) Central Command reports of occurrences of major battles throughout the Ogaden between the Ogaden National Liberation Army (ONLA) against Ethiopian army and their concocted Liyu Police militia.

21 Feb, 2017 – In a battle that happened in Qaldhisha, Babile District, Fafan Province, between the regime collaborating ragtag outfit, Liyu Police in Ogaden, and their counterpart in Oromia, the two regime militias suffered major loses on both sides with combined death toll numbering over 200 and many more wounded.

22 Feb, 2017 – The Ethiopian army lost seven soldiers, 13 others were wounded and seven assault rifles were acquired from them in an attack by the ONLA in Aftinta, Aware District, Jarar Province.

22 Feb, 2017 – A significant combat that took place in Nogob-yarey, Dhanan District, Shabelle Province, the Ethiopian army was dealt with brute force that led to major casualties on their side by the ONLA.

22 Feb, 2017 – A pick-up truck belonging to the regime’s Liyu Police outfit was burned in Maiso District, Shinile, Ogaden.