Battlefield Ethiopia- Jan 6th, Battlefield reports and other info

Battlefield Ethiopia- Jan 6th, Battlefield reports and other info

Eritrean forces on alert near Western Tigray – PM Abiy urges National Reconciliation – China Africa

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  1. We Amhara people are suffering under the terrorist group called fanos, amhara milita and prosperity party soldiers named ENDF. All these thugs are working to let Eritrean soldiers get easy access to our resources and subjugate our country to Higdef top dogs.
    Amhara people should join their hands and replace with peace-loving and protective youth willing to restore and establish peace among neighboring ethnic members . War should not be taken as ameans to climb up to the ladder of power nor to accomplish a land theft .During those time where fanos and ENDF were controlling our cities, Fanos were stealing our stores and shops and force us to say TPLF did that and this. Two of our neighbors were killed recently for disobeying to play the role of being raped and robbed by TPLF.
    We people from Wollo we have never had enmity with our neighbors from Tigray. Elites are sowing hostility and endless killing among two revered ethnic members for years to come in search of power . They simply sold their souls to the devil. We Amhara people from Wollo , we cannot die for some wealthy and belligerent few men residing in Gonder and hell-bent on expanding their territories and make western Tigray their farm land and plantation of factories. .
    Thank you for posting this message.

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