The Barbaric Command post of Ethiopia has continued with killings

The Barbaric Command post of Ethiopia has continued with killings and imprisonments of innocent people in Oromia.

Sad news! The Command Post which is ruling Ethiopia under the State of Emergency continued its heinous action against the innocent people. This is Ayantu Mohammed Shanqo, an Oromo lady from Harargee, Yesterday the Agazi soldiers tried to rape her while she was struggling to convince them that she has husband and also a pregnant. They didn’t accept that and brutally gunned her down. This is one of the heartbreaking actions being taken by the Command Post forces across Oromia despite the new Prime Minster elected from the region. It seems that there are two separate government structures in a single country, particularly in Oromia.

Via: Yaya Beshir

#Ajjeechaa– This is Ayyantu Mohammad Shanko who was killed by Agazi forces last night at 1 am 8th of April 2018, Qobbo town, East Africa.
Kun reeffa AYYAANTU MAHAMMAD SHAANQOO kan Godina Harargee Bahaa Magaalaa Qobbotti halkan edaa, Ebla 8, 2018 humnoota Agaaziin ajjeefamte. Ayyaantuun kan ajjeefamte halkan keessaa saatii tokko irratti ta’uun beekameera.
Agaaziin erga rasasaan dhawani ajjeesanii booda darbanii deeman.

Dhábasá Wakjira Gemelal

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  1. This is a lesson to those who expect a nice lady by putting a new lipstick on a pig.
    Armed struggle must intensify if there is to be even a similarity of peace. Lamma Magarasa humiliated the Oromo nation by a going to kiss the ass of a man who killed or displaced over a million people instead of hunting him down.

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