Bararri xayyaaraa gama Tigiraayitti godhamu yeroo kanatti dabaluun

Bararri xayyaaraa gama Tigiraayitti godhamu yeroo kanatti dabaluun dhaamsa dabarsu qaba. Wanni Tigiriffaan katabame sun gara afaan keenyaatti yoo hiikamu akkas jedha:
Dirreen Xayyaaraa Meejer Jeneraal Hayyeloom Aaraayaa Shiree Inde-Sillaasee Roobii Xiqimt 15, 2010 irraa qabee dalagaa guyya guyyaa eegala. Kanaafuu Daandiin Xayyaaraa Itoophiyaa torbaanitti yeroo afur jechuunus (Wiixata, Roobii, Jimaataa fi Dilbata) Finfinnee irraa Maqalee-
Shiree guyyaa sa’aa 6 irratti qophaahee isin eega.

Ethiopia: Ethiopian Start Night Flights to Gonder and Axum

Ethiopian, the national flag carrier and the largest airline group in Africa, is pleased to announce the upgrading of Gondar and Axum airports’ facilities to accommodate night flights, and the start of night services to the two cities effective October, 2017.

Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO, Mr. Tewolde Gebremariam, remarked: “The high and sustained economic growth Ethiopia is registering is spurring an unprecedented increase in international and domestic travel to the country. As the national carrier, it is our duty to support the country’s development by availing essential and convenient air connectivity to the four corners of Ethiopia. With a view to meet this growing travel need, we are continually upgrading the domestic airport infrastructure, expanding our domestic network which now covers 20 points in all the regional states of the country, and increasing frequencies to domestic destinations.

The new night services to Axum and Gondar will provide more convenient and flexible options to our esteemed customers, whether they are traveling for business or leisure, by increasing connectivity between the two regional cities; by availing more convenient flight options from and to these two cities, making it possible to travel in the morning and return to the city of origin within the same day; and by enabling increased tourism flow into these two historical cities.”

Ethiopian currently covers 20 domestic points, the largest domestic network in Africa. Night flights are available to Bahir Dar, Dire Dawa, Mekelle, and now to Axum and Gondar.

Source: 2merkato