Australia has released a statement about the situation of Ethiopia.

Statement on the situation in Ethiopia

Australia has released a statement about the situation of Ethiopia that is getting worse.
The foreign minister, Marise Payne is talking about the situation of North Ethiopia and the elders in Mekelle who produced the ‘State’ said this.
′′ Australia is very worried about the news reporting of air strike in the capital of #Tigray, #Mekelle, and the increasing cooperation of northern Ethiopia, Australia condemns sexual assault and humanitarian support.
As the war is about a year, the war is going on and it has a bad influence on the lives of civilians.
Australia is calling on all sides of the northern Ethiopian wars to control each other and stop violence. Humanitarian institutions should also be allowed to give immediate support to millions of people affected by the ‘ conflict.
Australia is urging the government of Ethiopia and the rebeles of the Tigray people to stop the war and reach a negotiation solution for Ethiopians and the stability of the country.
Read the link below from Australia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry.…/statement…
Sabiir ali. Ogaadenia Media Bahar-Daar.

  • Ministerial statement

Australia is deeply concerned at reports of airstrikes on the Tigray capital, Mekelle, and the escalation of conflict in northern Ethiopia.  Australia condemns the ongoing fighting, use of sexual violence and severe restrictions on humanitarian access.

As the conflict nears its one-year anniversary it continues to have a devastating impact on the lives of civilians.

Australia calls on all parties to the conflict to exercise restraint and end the violence.  Humanitarian agencies must also be allowed to provide urgent life-saving support to the millions of people impacted.

Australia urges the Ethiopian Government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front to immediately end hostilities and reach a negotiated solution for the people of Ethiopia and the country’s stability.

Many Australians have close ties to Ethiopia. I extend my deep sympathies to those who have family and friends affected by the conflict.