Ato Lencho Bati and Dr. Beyan Asoba’s naiveté and low self-esteem on full display

Ato Lencho Bati and Dr. Beyan Asoba’s naiveté and low self-esteem on full display

By Abbaa Ormaa

Ato Lencho Bati

Ato Lencho Bati and Dr. Beyan Asoba were guests at the “Ethiopian National Unity Convention” in Seattle that took place May 27 & 28. They gave an arousing speech, sort of, to their audience. Their presentation reflected their luck of respect for oneself and naiveté. It was about appeasing their host. It was a cry for alliance to hate a common enemy, the Oromo Liberation Front.

The performance of Ato Lencho in Seattle mirrors a similar episode from recent past in reverse order: the rise and fall of Jawar Mohammed in the Amhara-elites camp and then migration to his root, the Oromo people. Jawar’s only sin was saying “I am Oromo first”. Overnight a hero turned into a villain to his cheerleaders followed by avalanches of criticisms. Friendly mics turned against him.  In desperation to encounter these attacks he turned to the Oromo people and the rest is history.

The reason the Amhara-elites liked Jowar and liking Ato Lencho is plain and simple. They can be used to divide the Oromo people and they both are enemy of their arch nemesis, the Oromo Liberation Front.

Ato Lencho Bati and his comrades, Dr. Beyan Asoba and Dr. Dima Nagoo led by their God father Lencho Lata went through many phases. The first was machination within OLF to take over OLF. When that failed, they left the organization to form a splinter group under the name “Change” from which they themselves got expelled. When that also failed embarrassingly, they removed their veil and came out as ODF. Unfortunately, ODF did not gain any traction from the Oromo people just like its predecessors. ODF soon found out that the Oromo people are not up for their shenanigans. When the Oromo people rejected them, first they attempted to be another PDO to Wayane by going back home. That failed too. Then, they migrated to the embrace of Amhara-elites the likes of Prof. Mesfin W/Mariam and the hallow Dr. Berhanu Naga labeling themselves as “unionist” and the rest of Oromo as “secessionist”.

The irony is both Ato Lencho and Dr. Beyan were in the “secessionist” camp before their rebirth as “unionist”. On many occasions on radios and TVs, they gave testimony that the “secessionist” (OLF) is not a secessionist. They recited to everyone who listened that the struggle of the Oromo Liberation Front is to empower the Oromo people for self-determination up to succession. So, did OLF become a secessionist after they left or they were lying? These folks never had conviction nor possess it now!

I hope Ato Lencho Bati figures out the answer for the Amhara-elites litmus test whether he is an “Oromo first” or “Ethiopian first” sooner than later. It is coming. I will not be surprised if he looks over the audience and with straight face says he is Ethiopian first. The guy is big time opportunist.

For anyone who watched their presentation at the Seattle carefully it was all about appeasing their Amhara audience and offering themselves to serve as a thwart to the people they labeled “secessionist”.

In his remark Ato Lencho made it clear that his ODF’s mission is to deliver the Oromo people to Prof. Mesfin W/Mariam before he dies. So, ODF is not about the thousands of Oromo heroes and heroines that perished in search of peace and freedom for the Oromo people. It is not about victims of Ireechaa massacre, it is not about thousands of Arsi Oromo women mauled by the neftengas, it is not about the tens of thousands Oromo youths suffering in Woyane’s prisons today. It is about fulfilling the life mission of Prof. Mesfin W/Mariam to preserve the Amhara hegemony. At least why not say before his God father Lencho Lata dies. What a disgrace!

Unionist Lencho Bati said that we all are black and hence the some Ethnicity. What happened from the time he left the “secessionist” camp to today? Did the Oromo people change the color of their skin from white or yellow to black that all of a sudden they become Amhara? Or he MISPOKE TO SAY RACE? At times Lencho needed to be smacked down by his idol Prof. Mesfin W/Mariam for stepping out-side of his given lane when he tried to equate Oromo’s cause to that of Eritrea.

Secessionist turned unionist Lencho claims that their unionist idea is winning without saying winning with whom? He complained that the Oromo community in Seattle is not present at the meeting. Unlike ODF, the Oromo people are proud people and still have their soul intact and believe that they do not need the blessing of anyone or group to regain what is theirs. If his ODF is winning as he would like us to believe, then why beg for backing from the Amhara-elites? When is the last time this group had a discussion or meeting with the Oromo people? That is not what a winner sounds like!

The Oromo people quickly learned that Lencho Bati and his comrades are spineless big time opportunist and rejected them from the get go sending them to open their shop somewhere else. For now it looks like they found some attraction from the Amhara-elites. Good luck with your dirty dance with your new found buddies.

The Oromo people are large and their country Oromia is rich.  Whether it is to live within a frame work of Eemocratized Ethiopia with others or live as a sovereign people in a sovereign country Oromia, it is only the Oromo people and their independent political parties and institutions that decide on their future.

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  1. Defaming and discrediting each other will help only the opponents. According to my integral judgments your interpretations are mostly out of context and unfair. Character assassination of others is not a sign of intelligence and integrity. It is rather a sign of naivety and an undemocratic behavior.

    I wish that all Oromo respect each other even if they have different opinions on the Oromo causes. The foundation of a true democracy can only be based on respecting each their without capitalizing on the differences. My the loving Almighty God help us!

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