ARGUMENT: River of the Dammed-Ethiopia’s continued efforts to dam the Nile could end in war with Egypt.

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River of the Dammed
Ethiopia’s continued efforts to dam the Nile could end in war with Egypt. Here’s how to stop that from happening.

Ethiopian builders work on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam near the Sudanese-Ethiopian border on March 31, 2015. ZACHARIAS ABUBEKER/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

(Foreignpolicy)—In October, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in starting peace negotiations with Eritrea. But his country is still in the middle of another major dispute that threatens regional stability. This one is over the waters of the Nile River, specifically, Ethiopia’s plans to build the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the river’s Blue Nile tributary. Egypt considers the dam to be a looming threat to its very survival. Ethiopia, on the other hand, sees the undertaking as essential for its development and has vowed to continue the project no matter the ramifications.

Ethiopia and Egypt are two of Africa’s most populous and powerful countries; any ongoing showdown between them is a major threat to peace, which is why the international community should press for an equitable settlement.

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