Ararso Bikila now officially member of PP!!

Ararso Bikila now officially member of PP

No more cheating! no more confusion!

Yes, because it is only PP members that can be part of Shimelis Abdisa’s cabinet. And Ararso Bikila has joined PP officially after his group has already destabilized the OLF leadership activities at the organization’s main office in Gullalle, Addis Ababa.
Nobody trusted the Ararso Bikila splinter group after they have clandestinely joined the arch – enemy of the Oromo people’s struggle for self-determination, the tyrant Abiy Ahmed’s PP group
It is to be remembered that the ruling Prosperity party (PP) imprisoned all leaders and members of OLF and OFC the two most popular Oromo political organizations and competed alone in its sham election held in June 2021, in which it took all contested seats (513 out of 537) in Oromia regional council.
According to their constitution the party that took the majority seats in election appoints the cabinet ministers and forms the ruling government of the regional administration.
By the way are you an OROMO???, Bulto Bena tuu jedhee with whom Oromo majority share this question. It doesn’t need necessarily be an OROMO by blood but to share the value of Oromos for justice , Liberty and Oromummaa in which you share none. So, are you OROMO???
Wakjira Gudeta Beshir

ODUU Hatattama minsteri Filsaan Abiy gante Adaanech Kantiibaa tate Dammaqaa US ti bohan|Moha Oromo

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OMN: Horn Odeessaalee Har’aa (FULBAANA 28, 2021)

The Oromia Liberation Army  ‘OLA’ is carrying out a wide plan in Oromia region and they are seriously recruiting thousands of their fighters.
The central government recognizes OLA as a terrorist organization.
OLA’s rebellion seems to be ‘ rising ‘ quickly ‘ with ‘ big ‘ in Ethiopia ‘ situation.
Nj nj.. n Ogaadenia media Addis Ababa

Aadde Adaanech Abeebee miseensi paartii IZEMA Obbo Girmaa Seefuu fi miseensa paartii ABIN Yuusuuf Ibraahimiif muudama kennan
Kantiiba magaala Finfinnee kan tahan Aadde Adaanech Abeebee paartii Badhaadhinaan ala Obbo Girmaa Seefuu paartii Izemaa irraa Komishinera Komishinii Investimentii Mgaala Finfinnee gochuun yoo muudan, ABIN irraa Obbo Yuusuuf Ibiraahim Bulchiinsa Qabeenya Mootummaa gochuun muudaniiru.
Yaa’iin mana maree bakka bu’oota uummataa magaala Finfinnee har’a gaggeeffamaa ooluun muudama haaraa kennaa ture.
Odeessa dabalataaf;


  1. Why should your readers care about what Ararso does Kichuu? He is just another traitor, a turn-coat who has chosen to pursue what is good for his stomach! Traitors have no formal classification; they are classless!

    The Oromo struggle is based on PRINCIPLES, NOT on personalities, regardless of the regal or the perceived superior patriotism of the protagonist!

  2. Yoni,
    I had no idea you could be that devastatingly poetic! “Traitors have no formal classification; they are classless,” as in NO class… LOL

  3. For every weakling who falters and fails, or for every brave soul who fights and falls, the Oromo Nation is at a stage where it entertains thousands of extraordinarily motivated youth rearing to join the armed struggle for the liberation of our people from underneath the suffocating armed Nafxagna Amhara Settler State!

    This is how a system which shuts down any and all means of peaceful protest & dissent DESTROYS itself! This is why time is up for Abiy’s BRUTAL armed Amhara Settler State called Ethiopia!

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