An Open Letter to Obbo Lemma Megersa from a concerned Oromo

An Open Letter to Obbo Lemma Megersa from a concerned Oromo

By Malkaa Guutuu, March 21, 2020

Lammaa Magarsaa
Ethiopian Defense Minister Lemma Megersa, disagrees with PM Abiy Ahmed’s philosophy of ‘Medemer’

I’m an Oromo nationalist from the Machaa sub-group. I’m writing this short letter to ask you to resign from the government of Abiy Ahmed, who has declared a genocidal war on the Oromo of Machaa, Guji and Borana.

I’m not going to waste your time by making an exhaustive case as to why I’m asking you to resign from the nominal position that you are occupying in Abiy’s government. That is unnecessary. Millions are waking up to how low the prime minister is willing to sink, in order to inflict damage on segments of the Oromo population that resisted his agenda of defeating Oromo nationalism. When the whole world is coming together and doing all it can to stop the spread of the covid-19 pandemic, your boss has turned off electricity, water, telephone and internet services to millions of people in Western Oromia, as a continuation of his genocidal war in the region, revealing his fascistic proclivity that is only matched by his ignorance.

I know enough not to put any faith in a political player of your history and background (after all you served – in a significant capacity – a regime that brutalized millions of our people), and I never, for once, bought into the politically-motivated and crafted ‘Team Lemma’ hype that seduced the masses, including some learned folks. But, I believe that you have some decency and humanity left in you that you can’t possibly continue to enable a regime which – in concert with horrid characters near and far – has declared an open season on the Oromo people. I don’t believe you knew what you were getting into, when you accepted the scheme that supplanted you as the chairman of the ex-Oromo People’s Democratic Organization, paving the way for Abiy Ahmed to become a leader of the country. Millions appreciated your gesture to step aside, perhaps thinking that you could serve the Oromo constituency better if you remained the Chief Government Officer of the region. We all know now how that turned out for you and the people you might have thought you were going to serve.

Your de facto political divorce with Abiy – which became public knowledge when you announced to the Voice of America that you were not on board with the so-called Medemer gibberish the prime minister is pushing – was received with some fanfare among the Oromo people. The jackals must have made the circles to intimidate you to remain silent in the face of incredible crimes that are being committed against your kinfolk in Wollega by Abiy Ahmed and his henchmen. You must know that your deafening-silence regarding the ongoing crime in Oromia will NOT absolve you when some form of justice prevails in the country.

Therefore, if you have enough rationality for self-preservation, and any humanity left in you to oppose the suffering of people in Western and Southern Oromia; you SHOULD openly and publicly distance yourself from Abiy’s calamitous agenda and RESIGN effective immediately. You have no time to waste.


Malkaa Guutuu


  1. Well said!! If he has the heart and a drop of courage left within him he may respond positive. If not, he has classified himself with the enemies of Oromo and Oromo Nationalism!!

  2. Dear Malkaa Guutuu,

    Thank you very much for writing to Obbo Lemma Megerssa and reminding him of his moral responsibility as an Oromo, (“Lemma Megerssa Waqo” as he would refer to himself). I too am an Oromo nationalist from the Tuulamma subgroup and my nationalism is underpinned simply by the Oromo truth and just cause, which reasonable human beings with conscience would uphold. I, therefore, join you in calling on Obbo Lemma Megerssa to resign his position immediately and end his service of enabling Abiy Ahmed and the neo-neftegna in inflicting sufferings to our people.

    Abiy Ahmed, who draws his inspirations from former criminal Ethiopian kings such as Menilik II, also has a lot of similarities to the Italian fascist leader, Benito Mussolini, and Germany’s Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler. Both Mussolini and Hitler received less schooling and got keys to powers when their respective countries were on the verge of falling apart, without winning public votes. Like Abiy Ahmed the fascist and Nazi leaders spoke of restoring their countries to past glories and promised to make Italy and Germany “unfathomably rich”. Like Abiy Ahmed, Mussolini “took money from big corporations and banks but he spoke the language of veterans and workers”. Just in the manner Abiy Ahmed used Lemma Megerssa, Hitler used an army captain called Ernest Rohm to win public support and consolidate his power. Like Abiy Ahmed both Mussolini and Hitler loved shows and told “colossal untruths”. Notably, both the fascist and Nazi leaders betrayed their enablers once they became unwanted. For instance, according to Albright (2018):

    After Hitler ‘consolidated political, intelligence, and police functions in a new organization, the Gestapo, …, now that the finish line was crossed’, and the service of Ernest Rohm was not needed. … ‘On June 30 (1934), the Gestapo arrested him and rounded up several hundred alleged coconspirators. Given a revolver with a single bullet and allowed ten minutes to commit suicide, Rohm replied defiantly, “If I am to be killed let Adolf do it himself”. When the ten minutes were up, two of Hitler’s aides shot Rohm, who reportedly died gasping, “Mein Führer, mein Führer”‘.

    Oboo Lemma Megerssa might be in similar circumstances to that of Ernest Rohm. If, as is widely believed among most Oromos and other Ethiopians, Lemma Megerssa has been used by the moral coward con man to ascend the power ladder and establish himself, there are some honourable actions that Lemma must take. He must step into his “fear bubbles and pop them” by resigning from Abiy Ahmed’s repressive government, and set example for other genuine politicians who are sitting on the fence to do so. If Obbo Lemma Megerssa might have been already pushed aside from his ministerial position and made lame duck, there is still some brave acts he must take. He must make it known that he is distancing himself from the Ethiopian government which is waging war crimes against the Oromo people. He must also appeal to the Oromo people and ask for forgiveness, letting them know that he is not participating in Abiy Ahmed’s government anymore. If he chooses to join the ranks of Oromo heroes and heroines, the great Oromo people are ready to hold him up high as one of their golden children. Nevertheless, if he chooses to hide behind Abiy Ahmed and remains silent while the Oromo people are subjected to government violence and calculated genocide perpetrated on behalf of the neo-neftegna, our people will deal with him in the same way they are dealing with Abiy.

    The most urgent and important things our people need to do is to rise up in unison and defend themselves from government violence. Our scholars and professionals, back at home and over seas, must organize and provide essential strong leadership in order to take our people out of repression and lead them towards their inalienable freedom. Leadership means, in the words of John Adair, ‘the understanding and sharing of a common purpose – without that there can be no effective leadership’. The great Oromo people need effective leadership! Also, legal avenues must be explored and actions tken, particularly, by bringing the Ethiopian government to the International criminal Court (ICC). I hope that Obbo Lemma Megerssa will consider our request and join the struggles of our people before it is too late.

    Freedom and justice to the great Oromo people!

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