An attack on Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) is an attack on the Oromo people

An attack on Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) is an attack on the Oromo people.

Abbaa Ormaa, PhD, August 28, 2018

Oromo Liberation Army is Qeerroo and Qeerroo is Oromo Liberation Army

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

The Oromo people are no more the sacrificial lambs to keep the old empire, Ethiopia!

Oromians know that there is a real arms race going on in the empire and you cannot sit back at this critical junction. Remember that you lost your independence in the first place to those who armed themselves with a better fire arms and organized better. They are at it again. On one hand, they are arming themselves and, on the other hand, through their puppets they are trying to disarm you. Let history be your lesson and you MUST resist and reject any notion of laying down your arms. You should prepare to return fire with fire in self-defense. Oromo you should arm, not disarm! You must stand with those who picked arms on your behalf to protect you and your country. They are your best defense.

Tigray and TPLF are armed to their teeth. Ogaden Somali Liyu police is trained and armed by TPLF. The Amhara people are rightly arming themselves from fear of TPLF as they should with the blessings of their president, Dr. Gedu Andargachew.  Then, why are your leaders trying to disarm you? It is time to stop to treat the Oromo people as a second citizen. The Oromo people have full right just like others to defend themselves and their country against any aggression from the terrorist enterprise of TPLF and from anyone for that matter.  OPDO must stop blaming the victims, the Oromo people, and first bring to justice the TPLF mafias and generals who committed human and economic genocide against the Oromo people.

Dr. Gedu Andargachew, president of the Amhara regional state, said that it is not time to disarm, it is time to arm those who do not have arms. Why Oromia’s president Lema Megersa and some in his OPDO want to disarm the Oromo people? What are they afraid of? The Oromo people are no more their sacrificial lambs to maintain the old empire. What do they have in store for the Oromo people? They could not protect the Oromo people from the massacres of Somali Liyu police and Benishangul Liyu police.

The Oromo Liberation Front declared unilateral cease fire and observing that. Instead of replicating the cease fire, Addisu Arega and some in OPDO are instigating problems.  The real problem is coming from TPLF thugs hiding in Tigray not the Oromo Liberation Front.  The Oromo people did not hold fifty federal police personal. Why not send troops to Tigray to address the resentment and thuggish behavior from TPLF before sending them to West Oromia?

The Oromo people have seen this movie before starting from the colonial army of Menelik to the occupying mercenaries of Meles.  TPLF generals disarmed Oromos in Eastern Oromia and unleashed their proxy war through Somali Liyu police on disarmed civilian and murdered thousands and displaced millions from their homes.

The TPLF regime purposely disarmed the Oromo people on all sides to tip the scale toward those it recruited, trained and armed. It is under these circumstances that Oromo youth decided to pick arms and defend themselves and their people from genocide. They did not choose to be a soldier, it is pushed on them by the terrorist regime of TPLF/EPRDF.

Dr. Abiy confessed in front of the parliament that TPLF/EPRDF security apparatus, still intact for most part, acted as a terrorist organization and terrorized citizens. The Oromo people lost millions to this terrorist organization and today the same force is instigating conflicts across Oromia.  If there is any group of people after all the killings and displacements under the TPLF/EPRDF regime and its predecessors earned the right to self-defense.  Trying to take away this self-defense must be rejected by all Oromos.

The Oromo people must make it known to all sides that any attack on the Oromo Liberation Army is an attack on the Oromo people and cannot be tolerated!

Oromia Shall be Free!

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  1. this is the kind of posts which are very dangerous. what Ethiopia needs now is stability so that PM Dr. Abiy can consolidate his power and marginalize the TPLF. TPLF is losing ground every single day that there is stability in Ethiopia, the Army now is under the civilian government, perhaps still the secret services and ex intelligence officials are trying to destabilize the country. Talk as this gentleman Dr. Abbaa Ormaa does is not helpful in fact does the opposite, for cheap political purposes he harms the all of Ethiopia.

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