MIIDIYAAF HUMNA qabaniin fayyadamanii hardhas akkuma kalee ABO xureesuuf dharaan irratti duulaniis, DHUGAAN dhara kamuu cabsitee irra kan aantuudha.
“Jajjabaadhaa, abdii hin kutatinaa” dhaamsa xumura dubbii jaal ARAARSOO BIQILAATI.

By: Najat Hamza

Oromo Liberation Front Came home for peaceful Struggle: It takes two to Tango

The struggle of Ormo people has entered a new chapter, for that we thank the generation that was birthed from this bitter struggle from all corners of Oromia, Qarroo/Qarree. The hopefulness and the possibility of our aspiration is within our reach today, it will come true. In the struggle towards freedom and democracy, there are ups and downs, understandably so. We will get there.

As people we have gotten various parties, with various platforms but same core ideas have come forward. It is not a curse, it is a blessing to have choices. It makes healthy competition and ensures better outcomes for Oromo and Oromia possible. The Oromo Liberation Front SG is one of those choices for those who believe in their political programs, nothing else.

The Idea of liberty and freedom is the ability to choose, follow, disagree freely and speak one’s mind. That is the very definition of liberty itself. However, we must be united in the core principles of what we need as people and what Oromia needs. We can do that if we build a common consensus and work on the democratization of Oromo and Ethiopia in general.

We cannot talk of democratization and liberty by attempting to silence, arrest and harass our people because of their political views. We can do better than that. All we want, or I want to see is united front in core principles but differ in their political program of how they get there, and let the people pick who they wish.

Oromo Liberation Front came home to join the peaceful struggle and they were agreement between the government and this party. I cannot speak of what the details of the agreement is but most speculate that it had a mutual agreements. Then we are faced with a messy situation that is embarrassing to us all. However, it is not too late to move forward with this agreement and put our propagandists, opportunists, agitators, unbalanced media war, and those who have high stakes for this agreement not to come to fruition.

The issue of Oromia and Oromo people should come above all else and deliver on that promise. Those of us who would stop at nothing to sow hate, confusion, creating a propaganda for whatever reason, stand down. We are all Oromo and We all have one country we call home.

Our country is one, our identity is one and our goals is one, we only disagree on how to get there. What I understood from Jaal Biqila Ararso’s interview is also these points, he was able to articulate it better than any of the leaders I have listened to before, for that we say thank you. Those of you who are still bitter about this agreement to take root, and now have gone out and trying to make a point as if Jaal Biqilaa Aararso said something new, something is not part of the agreement, is wrong.

I can speculate maybe we were not listening to them clearly. We have a lot of work a head of us as people. I suggest we spend our energy in building our homeland, and when the election comes we speak with our votes.

There should be nothing that makes us happy than seeing my people united for our aspiration, strengthen each other and building our future together. We should never neglect that there are others who would stop at nothing to derail that progress we have made. There are signs of bigotry, hateful rhetoric, attacks on federalism and so on rearing its ugly face.

We have got the victory, but can we make it last? Can we make it last for generations to come? That should be our goal. The job of this generation is not trying to out do one another, it is to root our victory too deep into our country, that generations to come should never have to struggle. We can do our parts with our skill sets to make this change a possibility. A politician would come up with platforms to bring change in that regard, artists will use art to tell our story, educate, and enlightened, writers will immortalize our history, our heroes and produce literature, doctors help our people with his/her skills so on.

We have a part to play and we should play it, it is not a choice but what is required from all of us.
Those of us who sow the seeds of division you will not succeed, Oromo, Oromia and Orommummaa is above any of us, above political parties, or any other entity or groups. It is who we are.

I pray for the unity of my people and my country. I will do whatever I can to be part of this change, however, I will do so with my identity intact. I respect those who hold different views from me as long as we are civil, and we can use dialogue and not less than tasteful childish language. We can do this, we will do this.
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