Amhara Supremacy as a “Critical Asset”

#Amhara Supremacy as a “Critical Asset”

The struggle in Ethiopia is over equity, self identification and self-determination.So is the war over monuments, cultural icones, and linguistic choices. Amhara supremacy empowers a narrow section of the 110 million residents of this anceint empire..

Lately, we have seen some Somalis in the highest echelon of the Somali Regional State defending or at least normalizing “Amhara supremacy.” They also overlook the trend spearheaded by Prime Minister Abiy and his fledgling Prosperity Party (PP) to undo the federal structures which guaranteed some fundamental rights to ethnic groups.

It is the region’s contemporary political enigma why Somali Regional leaders would accept a comeback of a unitary state over a federally devolved structure.

Those who blame such a reversion to a unitary state on the deputy president alone are not entirely honest. All those who are active in the political theater of the Somali region, Oromo and elsewhere, need to account for their decision to serve Prime Minister Abiy’s political dispensation over what their masses have been struggling for almost a century.

In the end, all Somali leaders, be they office holders or opposition groups, will be held responsible for not resisting the reimposition of a unitary state that promotes Amhara supremacy and keeps Amhara privilege intact.

One needs to understand the sociopolitical aspect of the Amhara supremacy I often write about. It is not anti-Amhara people. It is simply a rejection of the political and imperial supremacy that was imposed on the Somalis, Oromo, Sidama, Afar, Welayta and other oppressed peoples in Ethiopia.

Rejecting Amhara supremacy is not the same as hating an Amhara individual. It simply means choosing your unadulterated self determination while seeking to abolish inequity.

Choosing self-determination for your people is nothing less and nothing more than evaluating the sociopolitical culture of Ethiopia through the lens of equity for all.

Amhara supremacy is an ideology that seeks to create a single cultural and linguistic trait centered around Amharic needs out of over 80 national languages and cultures. By doing so, it empowers Amhara individuals, especially Nefteigha and those elites in and around Addis Ababa.

Therefore, rejecting Amhara supremacy and promoting anti-Amhara chauvinism is not a radical idea, but a tool to equalize the political landscape of Ethiopia. Wallalegin Mekonen recognized this at the age of 24. EPRP also did so when it was a healthy organization. No, Wallelighn is more praised by non-Amhara while Amhara elite hate his thoughts. As to EPRP, it morphed into an Amhara supremacist. And that will lead to the downfall of Ethiopia as we know it.

Anti-Amharic supremacy is a rejection to Amhara only privilege as Robin DiAngelo explains in the context of rejecting “white privilege.”

What is “Amhara Privilege?” That and more, stay tune.

– Faisal Roble

Via: Somali Region News


  1. Dhuugan saba bala Oromo dhiyoottii gara dhuugattii gedarama,.Biyaa Itophiiyaa Oromo,afaan Oromo,Adda Oromo bulchaa,kun ta’uuf shakun ninbarbachiisuu.

  2. kara gara fiinfiine demuu cuufamuu qaba,Oromo hatuufatuu hundii hamaa oromo kabajduutii karaan cuufamu qaba.tesso ishee finfiinee gote saba oromo hacuucuu neftenyaan federala kessa tese hejetuu han hojiise argachuu qabdii. nanoon kumiiyuu finfiinee akka gale dhoowiine nanoo finfiine iraa kuna. kana fedraluma ishe balessinna.

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