Amhara supremacists’ declaration of war against Oromummaa (Oromo People)

Amhara supremacists’ declaration of war against Oromummaa (Oromo People)

Please, read the full content of the so-called Vision Ethiopia statement below

Vision Ethiopia Statement on the Current Crises in Ethiopia 

Vision Ethiopia

Vision Ethiopia, a non-partisan association of Ethiopian scholars and professionals, denounces in the strongest terms the ethnically targeted violence waged by Oromumma extremists, with the demonstrably covert support of the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Vision Ethiopia is of the firm conviction that the ongoing genocidal violence and aggressive power consolidation by the Oromumma movement across the country can only happen with the knowledge and indubitable complicity of the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

No government in the history of mankind has apathetically tolerated in its domain the kind of brazen violence and brutality that has been raging in Ethiopia unless the government itself has a role in the execution of the crimes, as was the case with Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy in Ethiopia and, recently, Interhwame Rwanda.

Presently, Ethiopia has faced a serious existential threat more than ever before in its long history. A country that has survived repeated onslaughts over the centuries — including Jihadist conquests, such as the one by Imam Ahmed Ibrahim al-Ghazi in the 16th Century, subsequent aggressive Oromo expansionism, and the brutal fascist invasion in the 1930’s — is once again on the verge of collapse.  The threat, which was contrived and engineered by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and external forces, such as Egypt and Islamic fundamentalism, is currently being fueled by Oromumma ethnic fanaticism.  The Oromumma ideology, which is tantamount to ‘Oromo supremacy’ or ‘Oromo first’, is  a regressively selfish line of thinking rooted in the ‘Geda’ system. Its primary tenet is the Oromization of the mainland through a multifaceted and well-planned and choreographed strategy consisting of genocidal violence on one hand; and military, political and economic domination, on the other. The gruesome task of ethnic cleansing and terrorizing the nation is entrusted to the Oromo Liberation Army, which has targeted with impunity Amharas, Orthodox Christians and other ethnic groups; while the Oromo supremacy and dictatorship is being fully realized under the leadership of Abiy Ahmed, who has an absolute control over the state machinery. Like the Oromo invaders of yesteryears, today’s Oromumma terrorists are on a crusade of ethnic cleansing and annihilation, rewriting history, and destroying religious institutions, historical icons, and major landmarks.  

Over the last three years, Vision Ethiopia has made genuine efforts to positively engage the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, with the futile hope of establishing a democratic and united Ethiopia, where all citizens have equal voice and enjoy their inalienable freedoms enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Regrettably, while preaching peace, love and prosperity, Abiy Ahmed has duplicitously promoted the deplorable scheme of Oromumma, founded on a fabricated history of entitlement and an agenda of ethnic cleansing. Since Abiy Ahmed assumed power in 2018, his regime has been characterized by actions that cannot, in earnest, be viewed as consistent with acceptable norms of decent and rational governance in the 21st Century. To cite a few examples:

  • Reminiscent of the genocidal regimes of Nazi Germany and Interhwame Rwanda, Abiy Ahmed’s government has countenanced ethnic cleansing, targeted against Amharas, and other members of the Orthodox Christian church and ethnic minority groups who live in regions claimed by Oromumma extremists.
  • To implement the Oromumma policy of ethnic cleansing, Abiy Ahmed dubiously negotiated the repatriation of Oromo Liberation Front, without a requirement to lay down their arms, and allowed the terrorist group to rob banks, massacre innocent civilians and abduct college students with relative impunity.
  • As part of the expansionist agenda of the Oromumma stratagem, Abiy Ahmed illegally transferred the governance of Addis Ababa to Oromumma proponents, squashed any potential opposition to the subjugation of the city, and openly shepherded the Oromization of the administration of the municipality and other branches of government. He incarcerated the Addis Ababa youth following the infamous Burayu massacre, and sent to prison Eskinder Nega, the leader of Balderas, on trumped up charges.
  • Abiy Ahmed’s clique orchestrated a violent uprising in the Amhara region in June of 2019, and ordered the execution of prominent leaders of the Amharas that were considered a threat, including Asaminew Tsigie.
  • Abiy Ahmed systematically brought under the control of Oromumma exponents all major government positions and offices, including defense, security, judiciary, finance and the civil service.

After a thorough examination of the current state of Ethiopia and the uncontrollably destructive actions of the Oromumma terrorists, Vision Ethiopia has resolved the following:

  1. Convinced that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is an enabler of the Oromumma aggression against the rest of Ethiopia, we express in the strongest terms our condemnation of his duplicitous schemes.
  2. We call upon the people of Ethiopia to boycott the upcoming elections and demand for the immediate formation of a transitional government that would ensure the establishment of a truly democratic and united Ethiopia.
  3. We express our solidarity with the victims of genocide, and groups that are working to prevent genocide. In particular, we applaud the measures taken by organizations, such as Orthodox Tewahedo Church Against Genocide in Ethiopia (OTAGE), to bring to international courts of justice leaders of the Oromumma terrorist movement for crimes they have committed against humanity.
  4. We condemn all terrorist groups in Ethiopia, including TPLF, OLF and other Oromumma extremist factions, and call upon genuine Tigray and Oromo people to stand in solidarity with the rest of the people of Ethiopia to fight for freedom and equality.
  5. We call upon the international community to support the ongoing resistance against extremist forces in Ethiopia, including TPLF, OLF and other Oromumma fanatic groups, and avert a looming catastrophe in the Horn of Africa.

Vision Ethiopia believes it is time for the silent majority of Ethiopians to wake up, for every citizen to come out of their ethnic cocoons, and to stand in unison against the Oromumma onslaught.

The Board of Vision Ethiopia

April 22, 2021

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  1. Vision Ethiopia , EOTC and OTAGE are created by Amhara elites and serving Amhara and adovocate for Only and solely for Amahraቅዱሳን ሐዋርያት ከረሀብ ጦር ይሻለናል አሉ ይባላል፥፥ የሀገር ውሥጥና የውጭ ሀይሎች ለፖለቲካ፥ ሥልጣን ና ቁሳዊ ትርፍ ጥቅም ሲባል ሕዝባችን ከጦርነት እጅጉን በከፋ ረሀብ እየተሰቃየ እንዲሞት ፈረዱበት፥፥በቸልተኝነት ወገናችን የረሀብና የጥይት ሰለባ እንዲሆን አድርገውት የሕዝባችንን ሲቃና ሰቆቃ እየተመለከትን ፮ ድፍን የጨለማ ወራት አለፉ፥፥የወገኖቻችንን ሞት ሲያስቦርቃቸው የነበሩ ኤርትራዉያን የሻቢያ ዉድቀት ከወዲሁ ፍንትው ብሎ ቢታያው በቅርቡ በሲውድን ባደረጉት ስብሰባ ከወንድሞቻችን ተጋሩ ጋር ተደራጅተን ወይም ከጎናቸው ሆነን ሻቢያን እንታገዋለን ሲሉ ያለፍላጎታቸው ቢቸፈንናቸውም እንኳ ሊናገሩት በቅተዋል፥፥የወደዱትን (የተጋሩና የመሪዎቻቸው ዕልቂት እንዳሰቡት እልሆን ቢላቸዉ)ቢያጡ የጠሉትን (ከትግራይ ጎን መሰለፍ ና ትግሉን መደገፍ)እንዲቀላውጡ ከሚገደዱበት ጊዜ ላይ ደርሰናል፥፥ይህ ሁሉ የታጋዮቻችን የአላማ ፅናት፥ ቆራጥነት ያለ ስስት ለወገናቸው እየከፈሉት ያለ ክቡር ሕይወት ከምክናቶቹ ሁሉ በላይ የሆነ ገናና ና ታላቅ ምክንያት ነው፥፥ይህም በፍፁም ልንረሳው የማንችለው በውሥጣችን ተስሎ የሚናር የወደፊቷ ታላቅ ትግራይ የሀገራዊነት ትዕምርት ነው፥፥
    የአማራ ልሂቃኑም የወደዱት የአማራ ብሔር ልኣላዊነትና የሕዝባቸው ደህንነት አደጋ ላይ መሆኑ ቢታወቃቸው ሲደግፉትና የነበረ የብልፅግና አስተዳደር እና ሲያንቆለጳጵሱት የነበረ ኮረኔል አቢይን ያጡ ለታ(i.eአጡት የሚል ቃልን በትርጉም የልባቸውን አላደርስ ቢላቸው ብላቹህ ተረዱልን) የጠሉትን የምዕራባውያኑ ጣልቃ ገብነት ሲቀላውጡ ተስተውለዋል፥፥ሌት ተቀን ሲጮሁ የምንሰማው ና እያየነው ያለ ዕውነታ በመሆኑ በሾርት ሜሞሪ የምንቸገር እንኳ ለማስታወስ አያዳግተንም፥፥
    When we read what these mass murderers , Eritreans, they are constantly justifyng their atrocities with their expulsion from ethiopia . They described it : We were expelled from ethiopia where were were living for years , more than 20 years and we were left bare-handed , left our houses and belongings , and yada yada ……
    However,the Isayas regime do expell ethiopians from eritrea. Personally, I believe eritreas have much more motives for their warcrime and invasion other than the those claims they are raising now .

    I wish Oromos and other tribes expell these people(ERITREANS) once again from any province or region in the socalled Ethiopia; They and their regime is not only the enemy of Tegaru but for all nations and nationalities who were living in harmony during TPLF administration. Eritreans died in many countries and could be expelled in the near future from wealthy countries. We will see if they can afford to fight with their colonial masters!

    Eritrea is an perfect exapmle of a surrogate mother bearing and giving birth to too many offsprings who belong to Satan and his army- because they are doing and accomplishing the most despecable and disdained evil tasks and atrocities against the most innocent children and mothers and nuns favored by Satan! Words fail us to describe them. Even before this war broke out , I never saw morally healthy people . Far more worse than amhara elites , and unbiased view!
    ከበጣም መጥፎ እጅግ እጅግ መጥፎ ከተባለ ኤርትራውያን ናቸው!!! We call a spade a spade !!!
    I do support TPLF than any other time now, Since I have come to understand , saddly speaking, the fact that An african leader hated and defamed by a foreign country (be it US or any other country ) is a government doing best for its people-by setting up an extraordinary public infrastructure , schools, hospitals and public transport etc . A simple examples would be the story of Thomas Sankhara, And Ghadaffi Himself. Donot let yourself taken by foreign propaganda.

    You must expell eritreans but becareful they might claim to be Tegarus just as they are behaving in Sudan claiming to be Tegarus and creating fake Tigrean ID.

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