#Amboo! Jala bultii Ayyaana Irreechaa Kabajuuf Bilxiginnaan Galma Hoteela

Jala bultii Ayyaana Irreechaa Kabajuuf Bilxiginnaan Galma Hoteela Jaarraatti Guyyaa har’aa kaadiree ishee waamtee ture Qeerroon Amboo warra Hoteelaa Akeekkachiisee waan tureef fashalaa’ee jira.Abadan bilxiginnaan Ambotti milkaa’uu hin dandeessu.

Weellisaa Hasan Mohammed fi ijoollee Stidiiyoo jiran heddu wajjiin galgalaa kan
Burrayyuti meeshaa stidiiyoo guutuu wajjin
Mana hidhaati fudhatanni deemani jiruu..

There is strength in number. Very true, specially in majoritarian democracy. Beyond that, those few organized and with guns always rule in dictatorship. Those numerous without guns can be killed in thousands and silenced. They are not able to use their votes or guns or both to defend themselves and their interests. This is the sad case of the numerous nation of Oromo. And it is terrible we are not working hard and fast to come out of such precarious and humiliating situation.
Have you read about ‘century of humiliation’ in China? They were beaten by much smaller but well organized countries and people such as Japan, UK, France and Russia for over a century. Look where China is today. They have worked hard and have shaken off their ‘century of humiliation’ and now this century is going to be ‘China century’ when they surpass USA as the dominant supper power. As Oromos, we have been humiliated into submission to the Naftenga Ethiopian empire since 1880s. And we have to come out of our humiliation. The empire must fall.