By Dr. Baaroo Keno Deressa, February 12, 2020



The last five years were a decisive moment in the history of our struggle against colonization. During those five years, we have seen a lot of gallant comrades, brothers, and sisters, while we have also cultured countable worst and deadly opportunists individuals. The famous organized resistance against colonization in the 21st century by Oromo sons and daughters called Qeerroo/Qarree and WBO under OLF leadership and devoted leadership of OFC brought a new era in the Ethiopian empire. These changes come to reality by the sacrifice of thousands of  Oromo life. Contrary to this magnificent achievement the great nation Oromo peoples have been eaten to death from in out by those deadly opportunists.

Let us give you certain tangible examples that our peoples facing the worst enemy than ever:

  • Current Prime minister Mr. (Dr.?) Abiy Ahmed speeches and talks:
  • Breaking an egg inside out will give life while opposite action will be death: here they know that the heroism and purity of the Oromo people cause. So, Confronting Oromo people face to face will be imminent death. But secretly destroying this great nation through weak and dormant individuals is giving life to colonizers.
  • Animals and Forst history in Amhara region capital city (Bahrdar): implanting conflict among Oromo peoples and selecting a certain regions of the Oromo peoples as the problematic zone in order to destroy will frighten the others. That is the fruit of the current heinous crime in wellega, Gujji and Boorena Oromo’s
  • Blackmailing Sabonummaa and Oromummaa as the destructive forces in Amhara region capital city (Bahrdar): Selectively denying the right of education and clearing up the wellega Oromo students from all universities because of their strong stand on sabonummaa and Oromummaa.
  • Denying and coding the Anole and calenqo massacre as a fiction in Ambo Oro-Amhara meeting through his dog Addisu Arega is a treason.
  • Oromo question is not the same as in the 60th: this man doesn’t know even the pain, the demand, the sacrifice, the suggestion that Oromo peoples have for eternal peace. Let alone cure how can be one leader/therapist defines the magnitude of the disease while he has no clue about the symptoms!!!!! To strength this point look at his action: totally he ignores thousands of Oromo people’s sacrifice and starts to praise the barbaric killers like Minilik and Hailesilasse. Above on declaring a military invasion against Oromo’s by the air force and ground troops (wellega, Gujji and Boorena). Look at the European based human rights report of OMRHOe.v
  • Recently on the general meeting of the Bilxiginna party in Adaamaa decided to arrest Oromo nationalist and strong supporter of the OLF across Oromia. Namely:
  • Buraayyuu 200 individuals
  • Sabbataa 68 individuals
  • Xaafoo 24 individuals
  • Sulultaa 15 individuals
  • West Shewa 58 individuals
  • Illu abbaabooraa 40 individuals
  • Bedellee 20 individuals
  • Jimmaa 30 individuals
  • Neqamtee 50 individuals
  • Gujji 40 individuals
  • Boorana 20individuals
  • Haragee 40 individuals

I am writing this article in order to emphasize the liberation of our beloved country Oromia with full confidence of 100%. Is this fact is easy to realize it? rationally, the answer is yes and tough because of several challenges. But challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

The Oromo people had and have brilliant philosophers, thinkers, writers, orators, artists, organizers and athletes. But all those talents serve the so-called Ethiopian destructive institution and criminal governing system instead of serving their own nation Oromo. All those knowledge went to serve and shape the permanent killer of our nation (Oromia and other oppressed nations). We, the Oromo people, are offering a substantial cure, which is respecting rule of law like Gadaa system but not a fake symbolic gesture killing and stealing in one hand and demanding to be calm and quiet on the other hand, despite the evil atrocities. Now, this kind of practice must end, and it is the right time for the Oromo people to take total control of the struggle in order to liberate itself and others.

If we have all those collective resources (knowledge, human and natural resources) how comes that great nation like Oromo approximately equal to France and Germany became a toy of criminal gangs and junk??????????????????

In my opinion at this current stage, we have all collective parameters (heroism, dedication, vision, purity of our goal and capacity). But one factor is missing and one destructive force is getting rooted. The missing factor is in one word Bridging. The dirty and ugly force secretly swimming around the holly goal is/was groups of traitors with an opportunistic plan. Those destructive forces during the past five years in an organized manner disseminate their potentially pathogenic satellite cells to metastasize the entire system. Their moves were discrete and diverse (calling themselves fighters inside the enemy core, community organizers, diplomatical interventionist, political parties, social media activists and intellectual activists). In the end, the mission of all those conspiracies becomes clear. That was weakening the vanguard organization of Oromo people OLF and destroying the backbone of the Oromo people OLA/WBO and lastly to eradicate the Oromummaa. (see also my article on March 10,  2017: Revelation of TPLF secret plan to destroy the great nation of Oromo through the mutagenic process). Those groups deed these worst conspiracies against their people’s holy goal is to secure their gaining like Owing villa houses in Finfinnee (land of Oromo farmers), acquiring political powers for self-benefit (Parts of those puppets are still living in Western countries). The Former diplomats in Europe (fat puppet) release the names of their criminal traitors.  He was upset due to the disproportion of his share of stolen money and material. The TPLF leaders have also all records of his former rubbish puppet criminals (please release all the documents if you need to make peace with Oromo people).

Summary: Now our peoples are dying, facing worst deadly enemy than ever, infiltrated by opportunistic individuals. What can we do to overcome those challenges with minimal sacrifice? My suggestions are redefining our commitment clarifying the metastasis, exposing the primary source of the metastasis (primary tumor) and rebuilding our forces in order to strengthen the bridging factor

Previously I fought our colonizers in the bush of Oromia in west, central and south. Today I am prepared as before to give everything I have (time, money, knowledge…). In order to translate this bridging factor in practice, we have to redefine our commitment by saying: even if I died in the service of my nation Oromo, I would be proud of it. Every drop of my blood and my brother’s and sisters’ blood will contribute to the growth of our nation and make it strong and dynamic. Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice and is never the result of selfishness.

Before proposing the task of this bridging factor let us investigate the severity of the disease that affects the great nation of Oromo peoples.

The Oromo people are suffering from metastasis of the unknown primary tumor. The question is what is the magnitude of metastasis. Defining the magnitude of the metastasis is crucial in order to provide optimal therapy. In my opinion, the magnitude of the metastasis is severe. It affects the pulmonary function (the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide), It affects liver function (detoxification of poisons), it affects heart function (lowering blood circulation), it affects gastrointestinal function (diminution of essential nutrient absorption), it affects brain function (exchange thinking power for prodigious appetite).

When we translate these medical findings in daily Oromo people’s life of today under this bloody empire.

  1. Death by military forces of the government in inside their home, on their street, on their farmland, inside their village, inside their town, inside their cities and inside their country
  2. Restricting the freedom of movement from place to place in their birthplace
  3. Denying social get together and solidarity meeting
  4. Restricting the right to study, restricting the right to work, restricting the right to farm
  5. Confusing the entire society by sugarcoated words (peace, love, equality, democracy…)
  6. Misinforming certain individuals to act like a slave in order to confuse the entire society
  7. Humiliating the entire society by raping young ladies and women (daughter and mother side by side)
  8. Creating artificial famine by burning crops, grain, and all farm products
  9. Denying even to recognize the capital cities of the great nation Oromia called FINFINNE
  10. Accelerating silent genocide (evicting the people from their ancestral land and replacing with colonizers)

In medical terminology, metastasis is a word used to describe the spread of cancer. Unlike normal cells, cancer cells have the ability to grow outside of the place in the body where they originated. A metastatic tumor is a tumor that spreads to another part of the body as a result of the original tumor. A primary tumor is where and what type of cell the cancer originated from. Metastatic tumors are cells from the area and type of cell that have spread outside of that organ or site. In metastasis, cancer cells break away from where they first formed (primary cancer), travel through the blood or lymph system, and form new tumors (metastatic tumors) in other parts of the body. The metastatic tumor is the same type of cancer as the primary tumor.

Now we are going to look at certain symptoms in order to reveal the primary tumor:

  • Command post, denying the right of education, Finfinne and oromummaa: Decalring unlawful military command post and cutting all communication lines in order to commit heinous crime against Oromo people, destroying the future generation of the nation by denying education and refuse to declare the capital city of great nation Oromo Finfinnee and failed to address the rights of unlawfully evicted Oromo farmers in Finfinnee. In this case the governing body of the country will be the primary source of the metastasis.
  • Blackmailing the gallant Oromo youths (Qeerroos) who gave their precious life to eradicate the brutal rule of TPLF by sacrificing more than 5000 Oromo youth’s life. In this case, the rude neftagna hardcore will be the second source of the metastasis.
  • Confusing time: time of development, fighting poverty, modernizing our cities, building space knowledge. In this case, the opportunists and traitors choose to be a slave and forcing the proud nation to act like them are the third source of metastasis. Freedom and dignified life is the basic engine of all civilization.
  • Artificial coma creators: Now the Oromo peoples are free to do whatever they want, absence of danger, no need for protective forces like WBO, In this case, most of the Oromo activists mislead themselves and our entire nation. In this case they are too the fourth source metastasis.
  • Selfish individuals: Most of our well-educated individuals are driven by their ego, status, educational background and refuse to work in team spirit for the common goal and running around the world lonely. Surprisingly the junk, opportunistic and illiterate, neftagnas are committing the heinous crime against our innocent peoples. The knowledge and the ego of those selfish individuals didn’t help to save our peoples. In this case, they are too the fifth source of metastasis.

Summary: I try to clarify the primary tumor of the metastasis. Now, I am proposing the task of bridging factor and ideas to duplicate the driving force (ultimate sacrifice). We are at our best when we give the ultimate sacrifice of putting other people, putting the country, putting our communities ahead of ourselves.

Task of Bridging Factor:

  • Creating a global body
  • Looking across the globe talented and genius Oromo son’s daughter
  • Try to form a financing group to those genius individuals in order to gain adequate knowledge (nuclear scientist, mechanical engineering, software technology..). Remember the history of Pakistan’s knowledge of power. The previous prime minister of the Pakistan government ordering their government members to look for a talented student across the country. After many challenging periods, they found a man called Abdul Qadeer Khan. A.Q.Khan, is a Pakistani columnist, nuclear physicist and a metallurgical engineer, who founded the uranium enrichment program for Pakistan’s atomic bomb project. The Tigray regional government has also educated such kind of dedicated individuals (congratulations).

NB: But look at what the OPDO/Oromia PP doing. Declaring unlawful command posts and committing the heinous crime while the other doing their best to protect their people.

  • Building legal conditions/ground internally (among Oromo’s) and internationally to support our freedom fighters (WBO) for democracy, equality, and eternal peace.
  • Creating well organized diplomatic bodies’ (with documentation, evidence-based facts, and solution).
  • Forming smooth communication lines to support and assist the genuine Oromo political parties to achieve their goal peacefully if there is a possibility.
  • Creating a robust and powerful voice to renounce or denounce the act of certain groups when it comes against the interest of our people.

Ideas to duplicate the driving force (ultimate sacrifice)

Here, I will propose a simple approach. Small groups of organized people can deter millions of disorganized masses. So let us start organizing dedicated individuals around our circles. Afterward, we can bring together to form a solid voice at one center.

Victory to the Oromo people!