All Neftegna Media outlets: If this is not  inciting violence, what do we call it?

All Neftegna Media outlets: If this is not  inciting violence, what do we call it?

The Neftegna media outlets know that ODP is full of Neftegna’ kids, who work against the interest of the Oromo people. Wake up Oromo! The so-called ESAT, The Habesha, Hibir radio, etc. are the enemies of the Oromo and Oromummaa! They are working hard day and night to eliminate OLF and bring back their old Derg or Haile selassie style Ethiopiawinet. They are so excited. Addis Ababa is under their control again! You, the Oromo, get beaten up even when you speak Afaan Oromo, your language, in Finfinnee now!  Qeerroo Oromo did not struggle to bring back Mengistu’s or Haile Selassie’s style regime! The Neftegna gave us home work to bicker and fight among each others, but they are taking the country back to their lost supremacy during TPLF’s rein.

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  1. Refusing to learn from past mistakes and persisting to hold to the wrongs; absolute lack of remorse! got their hands on foreign made rifles, (over a century and half ago), before they achieved civility to restrain their wild and cruel nature, and inflicted untold sufferings on the Great Oromo people and other nation nationalities in the process of empire building. They showed their children that they were able to jump onto using modern weapons made by others despite the fact that they did not achieve the civility that modern era would require of them. Likewise, their children have got their hands on modern media (thanks to the 21st century which is awash with technology), and are able to utilise their undeserved access to preach hatred and dream to reinstate their fathers’ dead past. Unfortunately, for them, time is not on their side as it was with their fathers. Qeerroo and qaree are ahead of them in making the century their own.

    Interestingly, the Neftegna kids do not seem to even “understand the ground where they stand” (as Dr Tsegaye Ararssa puts it succinctly). They do not remember where their bread and butter is coming from. They seem to be ignorant and so arrogant to acknowledge that the resources they live on for their day to day in Finfinne are supplied by Oromia and other national states when they dare to abuse Oromo in their own land. They do not understand that the Oromo are capable of withholding, for instance, the raw meat Neftegna offsprings consume, the milk they drink, the water the use, the eggs they eat for breakfasts, the teff they use for injera, etc, and help them to learn to think, if the need arises. The Oromo and other nation nationalities, surely, are taking notice of these individuals and media outlets. The historically subjugated nationalities in Empire Ethiopia are definitely ahead of them and qeerroo, qaree, ejeto, etc, have well developed strategies. Neftegna kids will be fully countered and denied of their dream of taking back Ethiopia to the dark old ’emiye’ which was mothering backward Neftegnas on the shoulders of others.

    May civility, justice, truth and genuine political culture prevail!


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