Alert! all Oromos! Mr Lencho Leta is recommending “law enforcement” activities by Abiy Ahmed government to stabilize Oromia.

Alert! all Oromos!

Mr Lencho Leta is recommending “law enforcement” activities by Abiy Ahmed government to stabilize Oromia.

What is this law- enforcement activities? Full-fledged war? More killings??
A group will start soon touring Oromia to confuse the Oromo people.
Mr Lencho Leta has announced on OBN that a group that includes him will soon start touring Oromia to influence the Oromo public’s view to support Abiy Ahmed’s government that has been harassing, imprisoning, and killing thousands of Oromos and Oromo political leaders for the last 2+ years.
OBN journalist; How can the incumbent government stabilize the political turmoil in the country?
Mr. Lencho Leta; The key for me is stabilizing Oromia, if you stabilize Oromia, it is the largest and the most
populace member of thefederation,stabilizing
the rest of Ethiopia will be much easier.
It is impossible to stabilize the rest of Ethiopia
while Oromia is destabilized.
Inorder to stabilize Oromia;
· Political actions are necessary and
· Some law enforcement activities are also necessary
The key is, how do Oromos view the current government?
On this Oromo public must reach a consensus. And very soon, I hope we will start a discussion throughout Oromia on these basic issues


  1. There are numerous Oromo political prisoners incarcerated by the Ethiopian regime. There are extra judicial killings and victimization of our people by anti-Oromo cadres and security forces in Oromia and beyond. The Oromo people are subjected to untold repression, and are the most unprotected people in the region where armed militia and government sponsored violence is reigning.

    Let us be honest and ask ourselves simple and honest question. Do the Oromo people have political leaders, anyways?

  2. Dear Olana Abbalichie

    I am doing my best as Tigrian to expose the crime committed by Amhara on Tigray,Oromia and other honorable tribes . I did inform many people who are supposed to have authorization to intervene and make difference. Thus far, as you all knew , no action has been taken by AU, EU, or US to stop the war in Tigray and Killings in Oromia apart from halting the budget . These countries are interested to maintain their interest, Money , money, money .

    To appears that they are waiting to see the winner so that they could use our leaders to steal our resources.

    You may read the article in Borkena “ By mesfin aman. Neftegnas are insulting EU for not sponsoring their war on innocent people. For them EU is corrupted being lobbied by TPLF officials.
    Free Tigray , Oromia , Kimant and Gumuz.

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