Ajandaan keenya! Releasing all Oromo political prisoners,

Ajandaan keenya!
1. Releasing all Oromo political prisoners
2. Stoping the arbitrary detention and extrajudicial killings of our youth
3. Fighting for freedom of assembly and speech
4. Fighting for a referendum to be a free nation
5. Take back our power and influence over our land, resources and our identity
6. Sustaining our communities who are hard hit with violence and continue to go without voice like Western Oromia and Wallo
7. Documenting atrocities, arrests, disappearance, rapes and looting by the government to be used as an evidence for later use
8. Staying focused on these agenda no matter what they throw at us
Saniin ala kosii hunda ajanda hin godhanu

Najat Hamza

Ethiopian soldiers, armed with guns and grenades have raided a hospital in the #Tigray region, reportedly because they spoke to CNN.
Nima Elbagir had this update for Becky Anderson following her exclusive reporting.

Ethiopia is blessed with abundance of mad dogs. Here is one.

#Hailu_Adugna kottuu ijoollee keessan ilaali. Seenaa Barsiisanii gadhiisu malee hin ajjeesaan kanas achumaan hubadhu.

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  1. It’s not America which/who risks the Future of Ethiopia,it’s mind/thinking stagnation & self-centered blind acts of debilitating consequences of pointing to others while exacerbating.

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