After the Tigray region who is next?

After the Tigray region who is next?

We assume the Tigray region is one of the 10 regions of the Federal Government of Ethiopia and we do believe it’s flag doesn’t deserve to be disrespected because individuals who are leading the administration can be changed but the Tigray people cannot be replaced as they will be part and parcel of Ethiopia.
However, what caught our intention is the way the Ethiopian Federal Government & the Amhara media are behaving and reporting the crisis in that region as if they are at war with a foreign country. They are directly insulting and targeting the Tigray people, burning their flags, completely removing the regional flags from areas that were reported to have been freed, and replacing it with the Dergi flag.
The question is what is the motive for removing the regional flag and replacing it with the Dergi flag? Why the recognized federal flag is being undermined? According to the constitution, the flag with the middle star is the only recognized federal flag, but the federal forces do carry the Mingistu & Derg flag and erecting it everywhere they claim to have freed even though we couldn’t verify if these areas are still within Amhara region.
Interestingly, as the war intensifies day after the other it exposes the evil intention of Amhara and their Torjan horse Abiy Ahmed, the suspicion of many Ethiopians and the fear that Amhara and the lunatic Abiy intents of restoring the previous Dergi unitary system are becoming clearer and likely achievable if the Ethiopian nation and nationalities don’t wake up from the deep sleep. As saying goes what goes around comes around; therefore, be prepared for the restoration of the Dergi system.
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PM #Abiy has nothing in his hands. He does not have a say on how the war against #Tigrey is being fought. Amhara politicians and their associates are leading the conflict. The fight against Tigrey region is now reduced into a war between Amhara and Tigeru.
It all started as an ideology war, but it has now taken an all different root. A more worrisome root. The war is now between the Ethiopian national defence forces representing Amhara and the people of Tigrey. The replica of the Rwanda civil war is on the verge to repeat in the north of Ethiopia. The same way the Hutus and Rwanda national army massacred the Tutsis, Amhara and the Ethiopian national army are now leading the offence againt Tigrey. Eritrea is playing the role of Zaire trying to tip the war in favour of the Amhara.
– Fardouse Moussa

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