African Business:-Ethiopia the country of the new African Millionaires?

Millionaires the country of the new African Millionaires?
– 85 million inhabitants
– a dynamic youth
– all to do
How not to become a millionaire?
Africans must stop dangling Europe and position itself in Africa home as entrepreneurs.
Because Africa now fulfils all the conditions to enable those who undertake to win money.
It’s just missing the infrastructure (Transport, accommodation), energy (electricity to run the factories), and of course the monetary freedom in some countries (Franc Zone)
And everything is okay.
The middle class happens in Africa has a power of consumption of increasingly large and matters a lot by lack of local offer.
While in Europe and North America the offer runneth over, and the shops are struggling to survive even during the sale, especially that a minority of large boxes if hogging all, and the little die.
In Africa there’s way, and it is one of the only means for Africans to stop begging, and abroad, by developing local entrepreneurship and by absorbing the income of the middle class happens, which will make us all Easy..
Don’t ever leave the emptiness of the offer and then go cry for help, help you even in you positioning home in such a way as to what the money from your brothers go in your pockets and you assimilating into the local economy, and not Abroad.
However I hated the part where he claims to be a fan of bill gates or Warren Buffet.. this is not our nature in Africa, we are socialist in nature. When one wins, everyone is happy because they will have their share..
He don’t let that these newly rich resemble the westerners, but rather to shrugged his like Dangote, and think “together”

Thomas Sankara on humanitarian aid
” Food Aid fact that the peasants of our home that could produce no longer produce, and when they produce are no longer able to sell. (the cfa franc too)
It is the surplus of the peasants of the other countries that we brings us here
We are asking for other things, the one who wants to help us really, can give us some ploughs, tractors, fertilizers, insecticides pipes of sprinklers roadblocks drilling, this is food aid.
But the one who brings us the bags of rice of wheat doesn’t help us but wants to keep us in cages like when we keep geese… it’s not us that they want to help, it’s their money they’re looking for..”
“I don’t want your fish I want to learn to fish” mao tse tsung